Highlighting The Customer Favorites Of Our Cabinet Refacing Services – Part 2

Customer service is a phrase that is used too much these days to garner business. Companies everywhere can state that they provide the best customer service, yet when the time comes to prove it, they fall short. Unhappy outcomes can prove to be costly for any investment, but if you’re planning on completing kitchen renovations, it’s essential to remember that the quality of your home remodeling company can largely determine the results.

Homeowners seeking cost-effective kitchen remodels across Georgia can reach out to Detail Design & Remodeling for long-lasting beauty that is sure to help any home shine. Our home remodeling contractors specialize in cabinet refacing for Atlanta homes, and our customer-first approach ensures that every client we help is ecstatic about the outcome for their project.

Today, we’ll conclude our discussion on a few of the most commonly liked aspects of our home renovation services. If you’re inspired by any of these favorites or want to find your inspiration before calling our cabinet refacing pros, be sure to check out our video page before scheduling your free consultation!


One method to make your kitchen cabinet refacing more cost-effective is to leave your existing elements in place. As one of our customer testimonials pointed out, kitchen renovations can revolve around high-quality elements that you want to keep and highlight. Granite countertops are one investment that, while beautiful, can quickly increase the price of your renovation. Instead of replacing valuable materials that have the chance to shine again, turn to Detail Design & Remodeling in Dunwoody for assistance!

Our home remodeling contractors excel in personalizing our work to exceed our customers’ goals and expectations. We’ll achieve your vision in a manner that makes the most of the beauty of your kitchen instead of replacing every element. Or, if you’re ready for a complete overhaul, our cabinet refacing pros will be able to create a comprehensive plan to complete the job in an expedient, cost-effective manner.


Being left out of the loop can cause as much anxiety as having to make a major decision. One key to our success is keeping customers clued into our process every step of the way. Simple miscommunications can lead to costly mistakes, customer dissatisfaction, and more. Detail Design & Remodeling places a premium focus on clear lines of communication to leave our clients feeling empowered with their home’s design and confident in the results. If your kitchen renovations don’t match your vision, then was the work worth it?

Call our home remodeling team today to learn about our customer-first approach, and be sure to schedule your free consultation to learn what our pros can do for your property!


From the walls to the backsplash, floor, and more, every color choice will make a dramatic impact on the outcome of your kitchen. Oftentimes, matching and contrasting different elements (cabinets, countertops, floors, and appliances) can create the need for a clear, concise design plan. Homeowners we help love the options presented to them, as our cabinet refacing services come in a variety of colors and finishes. You can utilize this cost-effective approach to match and enhance your kitchen’s current theme, or create a completely new design that completely transforms your home.

We’ll be happy to visit your home and sit down for a complete consultation, relying on your preferences and goals to create an ideal outcome that is sure to serve your family well for years to come. We’re excited about the value of our home remodeling services, and will be happy to help you achieve your vision!


Kitchen renovations come in all shapes and sizes, but one aspect is consistently true — quality takes time. Our home remodeling contractors will work diligently to create a robust, lasting outcome that is sure to meet your vision and exceed your expectations. Detail Design & Remodeling takes great pride in our work, and we understand that the long-term results of your kitchen renovation will provide the best billboard for our success. We rely on Old World craftsmanship to deliver a complete outcome, and our customer reviews prove that the end result is always the best part of our home improvement services.

While we specialize in cabinet refacing in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, our contractors can deliver quality results for every aspect of your home design. We can provide design advice, backsplash improvements, custom cabinets, and more. Customers across the state have long relied on our company to deliver results that they love, and you can achieve the same success with your property.

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to provide complete quality for every aspect of our home remodel, and our customers have loved the results! Our team works diligently to deliver the most durable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly results possible to your Georgia home, relying on decades of combined experience for an ideal result that you’ll be happy to show off to your friends and loved ones. Whether you plan on living on your home for the long term or want to sell it soon, our cabinet refacing services in Atlanta are here to provide modern results built on Old World quality. Contact us today to learn more about our approach to quality!

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