Should You Match Or Contrast Your Kitchen Island With Cabinet Refacing?

For many homeowners, the idea of a complete kitchen renovation sounds intimidating. Why? Oftentimes, it’s the price. Custom cabinet services, full replacements, and more can add a considerable sum to your improvements in addition to new floors, countertops, and so on. It is essential for crafty homeowners to plan ahead and make full use of local services for the best results. Detail Design & Remodeling is proud to be Atlanta’s cabinet refacing experts, delivering Old-World craftsmanship to match our long-lasting and affordable services. We are trained to deliver comprehensive quality for homes of all types, working hard to meet your vision and exceed your expectations.

One cost-effective way to further enhance the beauty of your home improvements is to invest in full-kitchen cabinet refacing. This provides the perfect opportunity to make a statement with how your kitchen island fits in with the surrounding space, which brings up the debate of whether you should match the surrounding cabinets, or refinish them to provide contrast.


Cabinet refinishing or refacing allows you the opportunity to upgrade the fronts and veneers of your existing system, so why not go with an exciting new design? There are many benefits to doing so:

  • Ensured results. Going with a new color dynamic may sound great on paper, but homeowners may struggle to find the right balance in the kitchen. If you decide to keep your island cabinets the same as the upper boxes, you’ll be sure to have a consistent result.
  • Affordable outcomes. Simplicity often leads to the most affordable outcomes. When investing in cabinet refacing, it may prove more cost-effective to go with one surface or finish across the entire kitchen. As always, our contractors are here for guidance!
  • Design versatility elsewhere. Smaller kitchens do not have much space to work with, and introducing too many exciting elements can quickly make your renovations loud and chaotic. Some homeowners may elect to match their island for the sake of simplicity in keeping a calm, flowing design.

Introducing Contrast

Many DIYers embrace the challenge of finding a color or wood texture that makes a bold statement against the backdrop of your refaced cabinets.


Your kitchen island serves as a functional, standalone part of the kitchen. Our home remodeling contractors have found success helping clients achieve clarity and cohesion within their kitchen spaces, making a statement with the island. This versatile surface can house whatever you want, whether it be a sink and dishwasher combination or a beautiful granite surface atop varying drawer sizes. Operating as a standalone, the island can incorporate a much-different design scheme from the rest of your kitchen. As long as it fits in well with your overall theme, you can expect to find success in organizing your space with this design option!

Add Depth

Your kitchen island may prove the perfect instrument for inserting drama and depth into your renovations. Bold color choices can add flair to the theme of your updated space, incorporating bright hues to make your kitchen the life of the party. Detail Design & Remodeling is glad to take part in achieving your vision, whether it involves the incorporation of Spanish tiles for the backdrop with painted cabinets, richly finished maples cabinets, or anything in between.

What About Complementary Options?

We often receive questions from homeowners concerning whether their island cabinets should complement or contrast with the rest of their kitchen. In reality, these two terms can coincide:

  • Complementary colors are any shades that are opposite one another on the color wheel. These full-saturation shades can be used in tandem to create a pleasing result with a lot of contrast.

It pays to plan ahead and try out numerous colors before making your choice. Oftentimes, the perfect pairing can make all the difference in regards to your daily enjoyment!

Consider Your Home’s Flow

Many homeowners can nail that perfect look when completing kitchen renovations with cabinet resurfacing services, but some may fail to take the rest of their house into account. Remember that your kitchen is a part of a flowing home, changing themes in a subtle and enjoyable way. Be sure to keep this in mind when going through your design scheme, as the wrong color choice for your dining room may also affect the beautiful outcome of your kitchen.

Detail Design & Remodeling is proud to be your trusted resource for cabinet refacing services. We’ve delivered amazing outcomes to clients across Georgia, and would be happy to help you find a beautifully cost-effective solution.

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