In What Order Should I Choose My Kitchen Design? Our Cabinet Refacing Team Explains

When it comes to planning their kitchen renovations, many DIYers spend a lot of time stressing about their design options. You want your kitchen remodel to go perfectly, and any errors through the design phase may result in unfavorable results. We understand this concern, and work hard to help clients across Georgia achieve the most effective and dynamic kitchen schemes for long-term satisfaction.

Detail Design & Remodeling in Atlanta specializes in cabinet refacing, but our home remodeling contractors also have the experience and skill to provide comprehensive remodeling for bathrooms, kitchens, and more. We rely on our Old World Craftsmanship to deliver luxurious results that are built to last.

The Detail Design team is committed to providing customer satisfaction and providing transparent communication each and every step of the way. If you’re struggling to organize your kitchen design process, then keep reading for our advice on how to navigate your kitchen makeover like a pro. Ready to schedule your in-home consultation? Contact us now to get started!


Choosing the door and front-facing surface colors for your cabinets will be the best place to start. As one of the most noticeable components of your kitchen, the cabinet system will have no choice but to serve as a statement piece, dictating the mood and style of your space. Most designers will opt for choosing cabinet colors and/or patterns before moving onto the next design phase.

During this process, keep in mind the important role of paint colors and how they can affect your cabinets. If you have a smaller kitchen, try to avoid darker colors, as they will only make the space feel smaller. Lighter shades tend to brighten up a room and make it feel more spacious. Plan your design accordingly!


Most homeowners are excited about the prospect of installing a quality surface for all of their culinary tasks. However, the availability of differing materials and styles can make it difficult to narrow down the choices. One way to begin the search is to find tones that compliment your new cabinet choices. Earth tones can go well with warm hues, while more traditional styles are enhanced through transitioning patterns. As long as everything works synergistically, you’ll be happy with the results!

Keep in mind that your countertop will serve as a long-term design piece. It pays to enhance your current kitchen design, but leave some flexibility for future upgrades. If you are picking your countertop to match the paint color, then be sure to account for future color changes to see if this choice will continue to please you through any future remodels.


Your backsplash should be a reflection of your personal style, which means that the color and material choices will vary based on the personalities of you and your home. Once you have picked out your countertop material, we recommend taking a sample of it to utilize throughout the backsplash process.

While matching your countertops and backsplash sounds like a simple and appealing choice, keep in mind that too much matchy-matchy can dull the beauty of your design. Try to find materials that look good together — not similar enough to be boring, but not contrasting enough to be distracting. If you choose a perfect match for your granite, for example, your countertop will begin to lose its unique beauty.


We understand that choosing the wall colors in your kitchen is an exciting process. However, our experience has taught us that investing in a unique wall color and working backwards can be a lot more hassle than it’s worth. Be sure to combine all of your chosen materials up until this point to see if you can find a quality hue to compliment the other surfaces.

Detail Design & Remodeling can arrive at your house with our full lineup of available materials, giving you the first-hand ability to find a dynamic scheme that fits your floor plan and style preferences.

Our Tip: Don’t Match Your Cabinets And Floors!

Contrast is a good thing! Many clients who benefit from our home remodeling services across the Atlanta area strive for a cohesive look and wish to match their floors and cabinets. This will neutralize the look and wash out both the cabinets and the floor. Contrasting colors will help to generate dynamic looks that keep guests intrigued. Matching oak with oak will likely bore people!

The Cabinet Color Doesn’t Need To Match The Trim

Another common request our home remodeling team receives concerns matching the interior trim with the cabinets. Again, we recommend relying on contrasting colors to generate excitement and liven up your kitchen space.

Ready To Get Started?

When done correctly, the contrast in your kitchen design materials will highlight the beauty and value of your refaced cabinets. Be sure to exercise patience as you collect your materials; choosing too hastily can lead to years of regret! If you’re not sure where to begin, reach out to our pros for assistance!

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