The Top Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Cabinets Instead Of Reface

For most American families, the kitchen serves as a central hub for most of their daily lives. Over time, the heavy use of this space will begin to take its toll on key components within the home. You may be planning on renovations to repair and revitalize your kitchen space, in which case it’ll be important to determine the best way to create a beautiful and affordable outcome.

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to serve as your trusted home remodeling contractors in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, specializing in cabinet refacing services. We’re excited to create luxurious results for your kitchen without the high costs, and are available to discuss each step of the home renovation process with you.

In some cases, cabinet refacing may not be an option. Keep reading for a few of the top signs that it’s time to opt for new cabinets, and be sure to contact us if you’re ready to schedule your free consultation!


Normal wear and tear is to be expected, and often results in a range of cosmetic damages. However, if we notice any serious problems with your cabinet system, we will likely recommend a full cabinet replacement. Moldy, soaked, and otherwise rotted materials will not be able to withstand the refacing process, and will also likely result in unsanitary conditions. Our home remodeling contractors can make minor repairs to ensure a quality finish, but excess damage or serious wear and tear will likely result in a recommendation for new cabinets.


Ultimately, the initial the quality of your cabinet system will play a large role in how it performs over the years. Many homeowners strive to save big with cabinet refacing, yet need to inspect the quality of their cabinet construction before moving forward. Cabinets comprised of cheap materials such as particle board and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) can result in premature degradation, including bowed shelves, worn-out hardware, and more.

Detail Design & Remodeling relies on real wood veneers to create a truly luxurious outcome. We understand the importance of quality, and stay away from cheap materials such as MDF. It’s important to have a reliable backbone on which to provide our cabinet refacing services, making it less cost-effective to invest in cheaper builds.


While your kitchen cabinets were once a feat of engineering, these days, you may spend more time trying to get your drawers and doors to close correctly. Over time, houses settle and materials change and warp, meaning that those seamless components may now be more of a pain. The same can be said for older cabinets with stripped and otherwise missing threads, leaving your cabinet hardware in a loose or grounded position. Regardless of the cause, living with ill-fitting cabinets can prove to be a pain.


Kitchen renovations can range in scope and size from new paint and cabinet refacing to complete overhauls. If now is the right time for you to update the layout of your kitchen, investing in new cabinets may prove to be the most effective choice. Looking to install in island, create a galley kitchen, or change the flow of traffic? Your updates to the layout may also include moving plumbing and electrical, so be sure to consider the full scope of your renovations before you get too far in!

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to provide complete home remodeling services across the Atlanta area, and we’re ready to create a personalized result for your property that you’ll love for years to come! Our sister company, Detail Design Woodworks, specializes in custom woodworking services which include new cabinet designs. Our home remodelers focus on creating the most quality and value for your project, and we’ll be sure to help you every step of the way.

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