The Benefits Of Cabinet Refacing Vs Cabinet Replacements Part 1

As a Georgia homeowner, you are aware of all of the quirks around the property. From the faucet with switched hot/cold handles to the drawer that always gets stuck, most modern houses are inundated with aesthetic setbacks and interior inconveniences. Your kitchen cabinets may be one area that are looking worse for the wear and in need of some TLC. Replacing your cabientry can prove to be a very expensive venture, to the point that many homeowners simply ignore the condition of their home’s cabinets. It can prove very beneficial to seek out alternative resolutions that can help to revitalize your kitchen without the high costs and high stress involved with a full tear-down.

Detail Design & Remodeling is proud to be your experienced experts for professional cabinet refacing in Atlanta, Dunwoody, and beyond. Our home remodeling contractors started as full-service providers of custom cabinets and home renovations. While we still excel in these fields, our passion for cabinet refinishing has helped to make us a top source for cabinet refacing in the state. Our services aim to deliver a lot more benefits for your home and wallet when compared to installing new cabinets. Today, we’ll highlight a few of these benefits to give you a clear picture of the full value of our home design services. When you are finished, be sure to reach out to our cabinet contractors for a fast and accurate quote for your project!


Living without a kitchen is simply no fun, and the benefits of installing new cabinets in your kitchen can quickly be offset by the inconvenience of performing your daily activities without this versatile space. The Detail team strives to streamline our production processes, creating the shortest turnaround times possible for each of our cabinet refacing projects. Full kitchen installs can be very intensive and normally require a lot of time for a complete outcome. The products and services requested will play a major role in your wait time. Ready-made cabinets can ship quickly and arrive at your home for a speedy installation. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, can take up to three or four months to ship. Once on site, we’ve heard of homes taking as long as six weeks to complete!

Detail Design & Remodeling fields a lot of calls for service quotes due to our speedy completion time with our cabinet refacing services. Our home remodeling contractors can work with precision and speed to create beautiful solutions for your kitchen, typically taking less than a week. With three to five days of downtime, your family will be much happier with the wait when compared to months of stress!


The process of installing new cabinets can be intensive, and if the scope of your project is large enough, a permit will be required to ensure safety and conformity. Every location varies, so it pays to be informed about the regulations concerning your neighborhood. If a permit is needed, homeowners have to submit the proper paperwork and fees. Once the work is completed, the results will be inspected for compliance. The price of your permit can range widely, with the average hovering close to $1,000!


New cabinets come with a plethora of design choices and finish styles to deliver a customized look for your unique home. This can be very advantageous when you are trying to create a specific look for your kitchen. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that cabinet refacing now comes with a large inventory of colors and finishes to choose from. Our team relies on real wood veneers that come in a wide range of options, such as maple and cherry. If you want your refaced cabinets painted, no problem! Detail Design & Remodeling can paint your doors and boxes on-site to ensure that it is the perfect hue for your tastes.


The full scope of cabinet replacement can include a lot of dust in addition to the physical labor required for such intensive services. With our quality cabinet refacing, you won’t have to worry about ripping out or tearing down your kitchen, reducing the mess, noise, and stress involved with home renovations. We understand that kitchen remodels can create a lot of anxiety, and our cabinet refinishing services aim to deliver amazing outcomes without any big movements or tear-downs. The result is kitchen cabinets that look as good as new. With proper care, your updated products can last a lifetime. If any problems arise later on, our renovation contractors will happily arrive at your home to make the proper repairs.

Our cabinet resurfacing and refacing services create big improvements for your home without the demands that often necessitate a building permit. Our process is fast, clean, and effective, delivering high-quality results that save you from the process of gaining a permit. Do you have kitchen remodeling needs that warrant a building permit? No problem! Our home remodeling experts are experienced in taking care of all of the paperwork needed to create amazing outcomes for our clients.

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