Can Cabinet Refacing Help My Damaged Cabinets?

Georgia homeowners looking to renovate their kitchens will quickly find out one truth — home renovations can be costly. Before you stress out about the budget, keep in mind that local home remodeling contractors who can provide comprehensively cost-effective solutions are available. If you’re seeking out cabinet refacing in Atlanta or Dunwoody, Detail Design & Remodeling is here and happy to help. For years, our experienced team has worked to provide the best results for each and every one of our customers. Whether you’re seeking out custom cabinet work, cabinet refinishing, or any other home renovation service, the Detail team is here and ready to work.

One question we common receive concerning kitchen cabinet refacing centers around the scope to which our services can restore the beauty of your existing system. Today, we’ll discuss a few aspects that we can remedy, as well as the problems that would be better solved by cabinet replacements. If you’re ready to begin your kitchen renovation, be sure to reach out to our cabinet pros for assistance!


Detail Design & Remodeling is proud to offer uncompromised quality at every stage of our home renovation process, and the act of giving your cabinet’s fronts and hardwares a facelift can prove to be well worth the investment. Our cabinet refacing team will arrive at your Atlanta home to provide an in-depth inspection, taking the time to learn about your family and the goals you have for the property. Many homeowners come to us with a vision that has inspired them to make the call, while others contact us out of curiosity of what we can create. In either case, the Detail Design team is here and happy to provide comprehensive kitchen services, including the following repairs before cabinet refacing commences:


Scratches and scuffs are an unpreventable part of kitchen life. Even those careful residents who gently place glassware up on the shelves will eventually see the aftermath of an accidental impact. If you have some textural damages on your existing cabinets, don’t panic! Our contractors can perform numerous aesthetic repairs to remedy any abrasions. This step is often neglected by others performing kitchen cabinet refacing, and may later result in impaired results.

Keep in mind that heavily worn boxes and doors may not be worth the efforts in comparison to the cost of a replacement. We’ll let you know during our inspection how much effort will be needed to restore or update your kitchen’s beauty!

Minor Gouges

Kitchen cabinets take a lot of abuse on a daily basis. Over the years, your boxes’ exteriors and interiors are likely worn down and battered from drops, spills, and other damaging events. Gouges can occur at any time, making it hard for owners to determine if it is worth filling in the questionable child or cat scratches. Detail Design & Remodeling can effectively patch minor gaps to create a smooth surface primed and ready for service.

Dull Appearances

Much of the beauty of your cabinet refacing or refinishing services will come from the beautiful shine that enhances the rest of your kitchen renovation in the process. Dull, worn surfaces can easily be restored, repainted, or resurfaced by our home remodeling contractors. Cabinet resurfacing involves the process of replacing your system’s original materials to their original glory. Now may also be the perfect time to refinish your cabinets, finding a new look to work dynamically with new countertops, floors, and so on.


While our cabinet contractors are trained to provide comprehensive solutions for your home renovations, keep in mind that some services simply won’t fall within the scope of refacing. We’ll work to provide the most cost-effective cabinet solutions for your Atlanta home, but the following problems tend to necessitate further assistance:

Major Abrasions

Whether your new puppy learned how slippery kitchen floors are the hard way or time and heavy use have simply taken their toll, major damages cannot be remedied by cabinet resurfacing. Even if the repairs seem plausible, the long-term payoff may not be worth it when you consider how soon you’ll be looking for new cabinets again. Detail Design & Remodeling will provide honest, accurate advice if we see that your existing boxes are too worn for reuse. Those worried about the budget can invest in premade cabinets for a beautiful, affordable result!

Water Damages

While H2O bonds much of what we know, it can be damaging when introduced to your kitchen cabinet system. If your kitchen has been exposed to heavy moisture, it may prove unfeasible to invest in cabinet refacing. Most wood components, natural or otherwise, will begin to warp and sag. Eventually, a complete structural failure can occur!

Water damages are often unrepairable and must be replaced. Detail Design & Remodeling can help by delivering custom cabinet services, including design, fabrication, cabinet refinishing, and more. We’re proud to be Atlanta’s cabinet refacing experts, and our team is here and ready to help. Contact us today to learn more!

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