Discussing Cabinet Refacing Terminology – Part 2

When it comes to home remodeling, there are dozens of terms used by both DIYers and industry specialists to get the job done. The act of replacing or refacing your kitchen cabinets, for example, requires a number of industry-specific terms to describe the process. If you are planning on starting your home remodeling project, it can help to keep some of these terms handy!

Detail Design & Remodeling of Georgia is here to serve as your trusted home remodeling company. While we provide comprehensive renovation services with a focus on high-quality results, our team specializes in the affordable and eco-friendly results of kitchen cabinet refacing.

Today, we’ll conclude our discussion on the terminology surrounding cabinet refacing, including different styles and construction terms. If you’re ready to schedule your in-home consultation, be sure to contact us online now!


When it comes to the finish of your refaced cabinets, you may run into a plethora of words and terms that can make it a challenge when trying to keep everything straight. A few common phrases used throughout the cabinet renovation process include:

  • Stain — Wood stains are utilized to bring out the natural beauty of the wood while also adding a new element of color. You can highlight the grain of your cabinets, darken the finish, or enhance the hue.
  • Paints — Cabinet paints can be applied to a variety of wood finishes to conceal the natural finish with an opaque color. Homeowners can utilize a wide range of paint colors to best accent their kitchen designs.
  • Lacquer — An alternative to paint, lacquer can provide an ideal finish that conceals the wood surface of your cabinets. These finishes are durable and can be customized to fit your design scheme.
  • Glazes — You can rely on a wet or dry glaze to cover your cabinets, wiping the surface product away to reveal profiled surfaces within. This is ideal for showing off the unique accents of your kitchen.
  • Shakers — The clean, simplistic lines provided by Shaker cabinets makes this a top choice for home remodels across Georgia. Featuring a recessed center panel and simple edges, you can create a lot of value without the high cost.


  • Blind corner — This term is used to describe the cabinet box shaped to fit into the corner of a kitchen. Additional cabinets will be installed on each side, providing ideal storage and convenient access to an otherwise unutilized space.
  • Corbels — These products serve as a thick bracket, attaching to a wall to support the weight of an overhead structure. You will typically see corbels under countertops, overhangs, cabinet overhangs, and more.
  • Miter joint — A standard approach to most cabinet designs, a miter joint consists of cutting two end pieces at corresponding angles to fit together, typically in a 90-degree corner. In most cases, your home remodeling contractors will cut and then glue two corners together with matching 45-degree angles. This corner is then fastened with nails and secured to the door or box.
  • Mortise and tenon joint — This popular design features a tongue from one piece that fits into the groove of a corresponding piece. When installed correctly, your joint will benefit from the support of a right angle at each corner,
  • Dovetail joints — This system relies on wedging together interlocking joints, similar to a locking mechanism, except that opposing edges are relied on at a right angle. Dovetail joints are often used for cabinet drawers, requiring only a small amount of glue for an ideal hold. If you plan on utilizing this design, be sure to invest in a dovetail jig to make cutting sockets efficient and precise!
  • Onlay versus inlay — An onlay will consist of a carved ornament applied to the surface of your cabinets. This feature can increase the quality of your design. An inlay consists of placing that material within the surface of your cabinets.
  • Veneers — Thin sheets of natural wood are applied to the surface of your existing cabinet fronts. Detail Design & Remodeling relies on high-quality veneers for our cabinet refacing services.

There are many terms to keep track of when it comes to home renovations. Kitchen remodels in particular utilize a range of terms and techniques to best suit each individual’s vision. If you’re ready to learn about the beauty and value of cabinet refacing, our Atlanta remodelers are here and ready to help!

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to provide stunning results for your project, relying on our old world craftsmanship and cost-effective cabinet refacing services to save you up to half on replacing your current cabinets. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to schedule a consultation to see how much you can save!

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