Design Trends: Beach Cottage Kitchen Style

For many people, their idea of an ideal vacation is going to the beach. Beaches conjure up images of tranquility, relaxation, and fun. If you love the feel of seaside living, you can make that dream an everyday reality by creating a beach cottage-style kitchen in your home. And, by refacing your cabinets instead of replacing them to achieve the look, you can enjoy the breezy results you desire at a fraction of the cost.

Reface Or Replace?

Heavy, outdated cabinets in a dark finish might not seem to be worth saving, and the temptation might arise to simply rip everything out and start anew. But, if your kitchen has good “bones”–if the structures are sound and you are happy with the kitchen’s layout and the number and arrangement of the cabinets–then you could easily enjoy a fresh new look for around half the cost of replacing your existing cabinets.

Refacing Options

Several approaches to refreshing the look of your cabinets are worth considering. Existing wood fronts can be refinished or repainted. Go for a stain or paint technique that produces a washed-out look, reminiscent of a long exposure to the sun and sea. Gentle, faded pastels do well for imbuing a room with a beachside vibe.

Or, cover your existing surfaces with wood or laminate finishes, choosing a fresh white or a pale sandy color to echo the color of the beach or clouds above the sea. If your cabinet doors and drawer fronts themselves need particular help, those can be easily replaced, with the remaining cabinet fascia cosmetically updated to match the new fronts.

Accent the flavor of seaside living with hardware styled after seashells or driftwood, or opt for a retro beach house look with vintage drawer pulls and handles.

Of course, the key to achieving the calming look you’re after is to hire professionals who are skilled at the craft. Seeking out professional cabinet refinishing in Roswell GA will pay off in future dividends of heightened enjoyment of the space, not to mention the elevated value added to your home, compared with a layman’s DIY approach to the job. To get an idea of the amount of investment you might anticipate for your own kitchen makeover, consult this generalized cost estimator for a professionally resurfaced kitchen.

Signature Touches

Once the stage is set with newly refreshed cabinets, complete the look with updated lighting fixtures and maritime or beach house decor. Enjoy the refreshing feel of a newly refurbished kitchen by refacing instead of replacing your cabinets, and you may save enough money for a getaway trip to the seaside.

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