Cabinet Refacing: The Trick To Kitchen Bliss

For many families, the gathering place of the home is not actually the living room – it is the kitchen! More time is spent to prepare, cook, and clean up after meals than is spent on actual dining. Considering how much time is devoted to activities in your kitchen, why not make it a pleasurable room that delivers a sense of delight? A cost-effective means of trading in your outdated, old kitchen for a bright new environment is through the magic of cabinet refinishing.

Surround Yourself In Style

A key to creating a happier and more productive kitchen area is to make it a room you look forward to spending time in. Professionally refinishing your cabinets and drawer fronts can be just the ticket to delivering the feel of a brand new kitchen, without the sticker shock of purchasing all new cabinets.

Choose a style that reflects your own personality and your thoughts about food. For a casual country feel, rough up the look with a shabby chic finish on cabinets refaced to look like furniture. A sleek, modern atmosphere can be obtained through the application of stainless steel laminates on streamlined cabinet doors. Brand your kitchen with a rustic, western personality through the use of hammered copper laminate on an island countertop, with copper-accented hardware on the cabinets and drawer fronts. Raise the standard of your kitchen up to an executive status with the quiet elegance of rich cherry wood finishes and focused spot lighting on prep areas. Indulge in the retro vision of mid-century living with cabinets refinished to reflect a vintage feel.

Think about places you’ve vacationed or wish to visit. Thumb through travel brochures and take note of what colors, textures, and styles call out to you. Then, use your findings as an idea board to designing your kitchen’s new look.

Expert cabinet refinishing contractors in Marietta GA can listen to your dreams and make them a reality in your home. Professionals possess the skills, experience, and top-quality materials to transform your utilitarian kitchen into a blissful retreat where meal preparation becomes a pleasure.

Choose Your Bliss

The more you enjoy spending time in your kitchen, the more you are likely to be relaxed and let the creative juices flow. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to invent new recipes or feel more confident toward taking on a new method of cooking. Renewing your kitchen can stimulate fresh perspectives, increase productivity, and give greater pleasure to meal preparation. You may never step into your dining room again.

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