Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

The tiny house movement brings new meaning to the term efficiency. First, these petite homes are designed to be ultra-compact – almost always smaller than 500 square feet – while still providing all of the necessities one needs in a permanent residence. Second, they must be extremely efficient design-wise and storage-wise in order to pull it off. Sleeping quarters and a restroom seem simple enough, but the real challenge comes when you look at various tiny house kitchen ideas.

The kitchen space in a tiny house needs to be functional and organized to keep daily life aligned for smooth sailing. Here are some kitchen ideas for tiny houses to help you make the most of your cooking space.

  • Use the full scope of vertical storage. Kitchen cabinets provide space to keep your cooking and cleaning necessities organized in your tiny home. Opt for full floor-to-ceiling cabinets whenever possible.
  • Look into space-saving appliances. The eco-friendly aspect of tiny houses truly lends itself to furnishings and appliances that multitask more and consume less. A compact refrigerator uses less energy, while you may be able to do without a dishwasher entirely.
  • Add hooks and racks to your kitchen walls. This small task adds heaps of storage and decorative possibilities to your tiny house.
  • Affix a magnetic strip to the wall or the inside of your cabinets. This adds storage space for utensils, scissors, and other tools.
  • Choose a collapsible table. Imagine the ease of using a fold-away table that you can simply collapse to open up the space when you’re done eating.
  • When possible, open up the ceiling to reveal and create loft space. Use this space cleverly with baskets for storage of lesser-used kitchen items, seasonal gear, or other necessities.
  • Don’t forget about design! While storage and utility are important, so is loving the look and feel of your home. Choose colors that make you feel good and be sure to make repairs in a timely fashion to preserve the condition of your home.

Storage space is at a premium in a tiny house, so the configuration and condition of your kitchen cabinets is paramount. With a focus on living simply in small homes, you can still do amazing home upgrades like cabinet refinishing and refacing, even with a minimalist outlook.

When you are looking for the best cabinet refinishing, Marietta GA offers an effortless opportunity to get your tiny house kitchen looking brand new. Upgrade your storage and home interior accents one space at a time to make the most of limited living space in today’s popular tiny houses.

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