Our Cabinet Refacing Pros Highlight The Top Kitchen Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

These days, it seems like home renovations are all the rage. Between the age of Pinterest’s DIY projects and the plethora of improvement shows on TV, everyone is excited about transforming their space into an exciting room perfect for entertaining, relaxing, raising a family, and more. While you can invest in kitchen renovations to maximize your enjoyment and property value, it’s important to keep in mind that this benefit is no small venture. Many homeowners across the country take on home improvement projects in earnest, only to find themselves past the budget and weeks beyond the finish date. It pays to take the time to prepare, and it pays to work with reliable home remodeling contractors.

Detail Design & Remodeling is proud to serve as your trusted cabinet refacing experts in Atlanta, delivering amazing results for homeowners who are hoping to make the most out of their space. Our team relies on old-world craftsmanship to deliver personalized results that are eco-friendly, long-lasting, and affordable.

We’re dedicated to helping you find the best outcome to match your vision. Today, we’ll discuss a few DIY kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid. If you’re ready to benefit from kitchen cabinet refacing, be sure to reach out to our company today!


Sure, you can invest in kitchen renovations to increase your property’s value and beauty, but what about your daily enjoyment? Families that plan according to their specific needs can benefit from the advantages of an upgrade, whereas those that simply invest for the sake of doing so will likely focus more on the price tag. If you have always disliked one aspect of your kitchen, now may be the perfect time to enact a solution.

Detail Design & Remodeling can help you design the best space for your activities, whether you plan on cooking, entertaining, or anything else. Our custom cabinet services ensure that each client is left with an ideal outcome, as we strive to deliver the best result on the first try.


The kitchen is your hub for many daily activities, but this room is not the only one in the home. Be sure to take protective measures when performing any kitchen improvements, whether they be cabinet refinishing, flooring replacements, or another project. It can be too easy to neglect your entryways, hallways, and connecting spaces when preparing the kitchen, but extra protection now can help to preserve the looks of the rest of the property.

Scuffs, scratches, and gouges can occur at nearly time, so be sure you are careful when moving throughout your home. Dust, debris, and grime can all be displaced during renovations, increasing the potential for these contaminants to traverse the rest of interior. Fresh paint, stain, or any other agent can all find their way outside of your work zone, bypassing tarps and impacting the final quality of your renovations. We recommend laying protection for your floors, walls, doors, and any other surfaces at risk for damage during construction.


Many homeowners are guilty of looking at the overall picture of their kitchen design and forgetting to focus on the surface area. Having enough counter space is vital for your daily convenience, from food prep to homework and more. We recommend taking a step back and looking at your surfaces before making dramatic changes, such as new shelving, appliances, or any other elements that can cover the counter.

Striking the right balance between beauty and functionality can be a challenge. Detail Design & Remodeling is here to be your design experts, providing our advice to find a healthy outcome that is structural sound, functional, and beautiful. We will consider your goals and plans and suggest how we would perform the job for the best possible result. Contact us today to learn about our consultation process!


As our developing theme will entail, taking a step back to reevaluate your design can do much to prevent costly setbacks. Home improvement companies across Georgia will tell you that the appliances play a major role in the appearance of your kitchen. The last thing you want to do is finish your project, complete with cabinet refacing and new floors, only to find that there are no appliances to match your theme!

Detail Design & Remodeling has delivered unbeatable results for years, and our contractors are here to tell you that your range of appliances may be limited in comparison to the large number of stains, paints, and other finishes available. Georgia homeowners often find success when selecting appliances they love and starting their design from there. If you need assistance, our home remodeling contractors are here and ready to assist!


If your kitchen cabinets are feeling a little dated, now may be the ideal time to introduce some design upgrades. Modern storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes and can likely be fitted to your existing system. Smaller kitchens, especially, can benefit from upgrading their current storage with customer cabinet additions. Oftentimes, small improvements can prove very beneficial and affordable.

Planning and proper execution are best when attempting your own renovations. No matter your kitchen’s needs, Detail Design & Remodeling is here to help. Our cabinet resurfacing professionals can provide affordable results for your project needs, whether they be custom cabinets, minor changes, or anything in between. We’re proud to provide old-world craftsmanship to enhance the beauty of all of our work. 

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