Why Now Is The Right Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

With the ongoing issues and dangers of the novel coronavirus, many homeowners are spending their time in their residence. More and more jobs have gone remote, changing the family dynamic as well as the daily schedule. Many families are left at home around the clock, making services such as home improvements a very beneficial choice. If you’re considering a home remodeling project this season, now might be the perfect time for kitchen renovations with the help of a local remodeling company.

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to serve as your trusted home remodeling team in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. While we specialize in services such as cabinet refacing, our home improvement contractors are ready to improve your kitchen, bath, and more. Our old world craftsmanship and attention to detail help to generate luxurious outcomes without the high price tag. 

Keep reading to learn about why now may be the right time to commit to your kitchen renovation, and be sure to schedule a consultation with our home remodeling company to see how much you can save!


The kitchen is the most dynamic space in your home, and may now serve as your interim home office. Many children will continue their studies in the fall, and may need to continue using the kitchen to complete their assignments and attend their lectures. Keeping a clean space will help for video calls, but if your kitchen is outdated, drab, and otherwise cramped, things may not be as good as before.

A kitchen remodel may help to create more usable space and an optimal traffic flow for many families. You can focus on creating more counter space for added activities, or move your key appliances to create more open space for crafts, school projects, and more. Having the entire family in the kitchen may prove to be a joy!


Now may be the perfect time to update your kitchen if your little ones aren’t so little anymore. The younger years saw plenty of pushing, yanking, and other roughhousing on your kitchen cabinets and lower appliances, creating the need for updated systems to keep little ones safe while providing convenient access for adults and older kids.

It’s important to remember that your cabinets take up a majority of your kitchen, and will need to be updated to enhance the finish of your kitchen remodel. This may be the right time to rely on cabinet refacing from our Atlanta contractors, where we replace the fronts of your doors and drawers with a real wood veneer, creating the look of a new cabinet system without the high cost, long downtime, or generated waste.


More time at home puts more use on your kitchen appliances. Most people don’t realize how many dirty dishes they can generate until they find themselves at home full-time! If your appliances have been running on their last legs, a kitchen remodel may be the perfect time to add an appliance budget into your project. Newer dishwashers, fridges, coffee makers, garbage disposals, microwaves, and other products can all help to make your life that much easier while you’re spending your time at home. In addition to being more efficient, you can choose the right aesthetics to match the rest of your kitchen design.


Most home remodeling professionals will tell you that a nice kitchen is essential in garnering the best offers for your home. Simply put, this space is the hub of activity, and is often the most complex to update. An updated kitchen can help to return a serious ROI, both in terms of your daily enjoyment and when it comes time to sell your home. Refinance rates are low, and many homeowners are able to take out home equity loans to make serious improvements without the high costs. The market is changing, but fewer homes for sale and reduced new construction has the potential to help sellers who are hoping to get their home’s value back toward the end of 2020 and beyond.

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Now may be the right time to make improvements to your kitchen. Homeowners are often surprised by the wide range of home improvement options in their price range. Customers of Detail Design & Remodeling in Atlanta love the high-quality results of their home remodels. From custom woodwork and cabinet refacing to large-scale renovations, we’re ready to get the job done right.

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