Should You Invest In Kitchen Renovations Or A Bathroom Remodel?

Everyone is spending a lot of time inside during these unprecedented times, bringing a lot more focus on the quality of the home. If you and your family are increasingly aware of how uncomfortable or outdated your living situation is, now may be the right time to start planning your home renovations.

Home improvement projects come in all shapes and sizes, with many homeowners ultimately choosing between bathroom and kitchen remodels. The reality is that we all rely on these two rooms for comfort and care within the home. You rely on your kitchen for socializing with loved ones, preparing favored meals, and maybe even assisting the kids with their math homework. The bathroom is a space of privacy, cleanliness, and preparation. Your kitchen and bath are among the top two choices of home remodels, and for good reason!

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to offer high-quality home remodeling services across Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team relies on old world craftsmanship to generate lasting beauty and value for a variety of home projects. We offer kitchen and bathroom remodeling services to improve your life!


Overall Cost

Most homeowners are looking for the best balance of cost and enjoyment for their home remodels, and will often look to industry trends for guidance. Remodeling Magazine releases annual results of costs and values reported across the nation, including region and locality. This can help to understand how much homeowners are paying for their kitchen and bathroom remodels, but keep in mind that your investment can vary widely based on factors such as room size, materials installed, complexity of improvements, and more. A minor kitchen remodel in the South Atlantic region can cost around $22,000, while major improvements cost upwards of $65,000. Bathrooms often cost a fraction of kitchen renovations, but often with a lower return on investment.

Bottom line: Bathroom remodels cost half as much as kitchen improvements, yet investing in the kitchen tends to return more value when it comes time to sell. Cost-effective services such as cabinet refacing can help to generate more value while reducing project costs!

Completion Time

As the most versatile room in the home, the kitchen can prove to be a big project. Major renovations can take months, while minor improvements may still lead to weeks of work. Bathrooms are less complex and smaller in size, often providing the advantage for homeowners who are worried about their completion time. 

Bottom line: Bathroom remodels may take 14 days, but can last upward of three weeks. Kitchen renovations may be done in less than a month, but prepare for more downtime if you’re upgrading the plumbing!


Also keep in mind that major kitchen improvements will likely result in disruptions to your daily routine. Bathroom improvements are less intensive, and often take less time. However, if you only have one bathroom in your home, then any downtime will need to be planned for. Functioning toilets and baths are a must!

Bottom line: Planning ahead will help to make life easier when planning for disruptions within the kitchen or bathroom. Based on your home, one remodel may prove to be more convenient than the other.


Beyond the improvements to your daily life, renovations in the kitchen and bath can both help when it comes time to sell. Buyers often focus on the kitchen as a priority when buying, while many industry professionals cite the bathroom as a selling point. Keep in mind that kitchen remodels often involve a lot more materials and labor, including new outlets, molding installations, and more. This will deliver a higher return on your investment, while bathroom renovations offer a lower upfront cost.

Which room to improve is up to you, as well as the home remodeling contractors to bring your vision to life!

Rely On Cabinet Refacing For Better Results!

No matter your choice, it helps to find the right team for the job. Detail Design & Remodeling specializes in beautifully cost-effective home improvement services, including cabinet refacing. Instead of spending the time and money to take out your existing cabinets, you can choose to give them a facelift. Choose from our selection of real wood veneers for an upgrade you’ll love to incorporate into your project!

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