A Complete Kitchen Remodel Timeline For Major Projects – Part 1

Springtime is here, and many residents across Georgia are excited to open the windows and clean out their homes. If your property is looking dingy and worn-down, now may be the perfect time for a home remodeling project. Many people decide to invest in their kitchen space when renovating their home, as this room often serves as the hub for modern families. It’s important to keep in mind that the kitchen is often one of the most costly and intensive home remodeling projects available, typically ranging from $10,000 to just over $22,000. The high costs must be planned for, as well as the amount of downtime expected. A home minus a kitchen can make life inconvenient without the proper preparations!

Today, our home remodeling contractors will begin to discuss the entire kitchen renovation process, including the expected time demands of each phase. Detail Design & Remodeling of Dunwoody provides expert cabinet refacing services across Atlanta and beyond, and our home renovators are confident that we can provide the full-service support you need to transform your space and invigorate your home design.

Keep reading to learn more, and be sure to contact us when you are ready to see how affordable and sustainable our kitchen cabinet refacing services can be!


While there is no technical timeframe for planning your kitchen remodel, many homeowners have told us that taking the extra time to plan properly makes all the difference.

  • Project goals and parameters — Defining the full scope of your project will do much to help you focus on the end result, keeping distractions and unnecessary costs to a minimum.
  • Budget assessment and refinement — Financing is one of the top concerns for most homeowners, and for good reason. When you are creating your budget, it can help to determine the ratio of this cost to the overall value of your home. Many people also add an extra 10 or 15 percent to their total costs as a cushion, in case something comes up.
  • Measure your kitchen space — Gaining a rough picture of how big your kitchen is, will help greatly in determining exactly what is needed for a complete result. Measure the dimensions of your kitchen, including the walls, floors, windows, and doorways.
  • Style and material choices — Starting a kitchen remodel without a clear picture of the expectations can prove both costly and frustrating. Our home renovators suggest choosing a style and design for your space that you will love before making any purchases.
  • Choose your home remodeling contractors — Now is the perfect time to choose a home renovation company that you can trust for the best results. The skill and professionalism of your home remodelers will play a large role in the overall quality of your kitchen’s finish.
  • Complete your design — Before construction can begin, it pays to come to the table with a complete design plan that accounts for any foreseeable issues. Once you are confident that your project is prepared, sign with your contractors and get to work!


We must note that it is essential to wait for your building materials to arrive before you begin to tear down the old components! Many DIYers like to roll up their sleeves and get right to work, which can have its drawbacks. Once the time comes to start, allow one to two months for all of your building materials to arrive in full. We recommend inspecting each order to ensure that everything is up to speed, as unexpected defects in the materials can hold your project up for weeks!

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to serve as your complete source for home remodeling across Georgia. Our contractors can help you find the best materials at quality prices to create a lasting result that you and your guests will love! A few of the most important materials to focus on when ordering supplies includes:

  • Light fixtures — All of your hard work will be for naught without proper kitchen lighting elements. Invest in quality fixtures to designate your zones and provide a quality level of illumination.
  • Appliances — From the stove to the microwave, sink, and more, every appliance plays a major role in your kitchen design. Be sure to balance the cost and quality of your appliances to stay within budget, as costs can quickly increase!
  • Flooring — Once your flooring material has arrived, be sure to store it in the room it will be used in to acclimate to your home’s environmental conditions. Many kitchens rely on protective surfaces such as tile, laminate, cork, and so on for the best results.
  • Cabinets — Many homeowners start with their cabinet order, as custom cabinets can take weeks to produce and ship. Cabinet refacing, on the other hand, can be done in two days!
  • Finish materials — From backsplashes and tiles to paint, stone veneers, and more, homeowners will be tasked with purchasing a wide range of finish materials to create a truly polished result. Keep in mind that you may need to order your products in order (i.e. cabinets before countertops)!

Fast, Effective Results

Next time, we’ll continue this topic by discussing the time constraints surrounding the rough and finish construction phases of your kitchen remodel. If you’re ready to get started on your project, our cabinet refacing pros in Atlanta are here and happy to help! Detail Design & Remodeling proudly delivers the highest quality possible through all of our services, from cabinet refinishing and refacing to custom woodwork and more. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to request your free estimate!

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