A Complete Kitchen Remodel Timeline For Major Projects – Part 2

Kitchen renovations can prove to be one of the most valuable projects homeowner can take on, for increases in both property value and daily convenience. Kitchens are versatile, providing considerable convenience for every type of lifestyle. Spring may be the perfect time for you to consider a kitchen remodel, but keep in mind that this undertaking can up inconveniencing your family into the fall months.

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to serve as your trusted home remodeling company across Georgia. For years, we have specialized in cabinet refacing for Atlanta homes and beyond, providing high-quality finishes that can transform the look of your space without the high costs normally associated with a kitchen remodel. Our experience and expertise ensure that you are satisfied with the results, regardless of your project’s demands.

Cabinet refacing can help to reduce the time expected to complete your kitchen remodel. Today, we’ll continue to highlight the full timeline for renovating your kitchen. If you’re interested in creating beautiful changes in your home, be sure to contact our team today for a free estimate!


Taking your old design apart and rebuilding your kitchen from the ground up can take a lot of time. While some homeowners get through the rough construction phase of their project in one week, others may be hard at work for a month or more!

The size and scope of your project will largely determine how demanding this process will be. Bear in mind that small kitchen renovations can see results in a couple of weeks while more intensive projects can go on for months at a time. The third phase deals with the framing and physical layout of the space, including:

  • Demolition (3 days – 3 weeks) — Once all of your materials have arrived and are approved for use, the time begins to tear out the old. Ensure that all relevant utilities are turned off, and begin to remove all materials in need of replacement.
  • Utility work (1 – 2 weeks) — The first step after clearing everything out is to begin building out your utilities. Plumbing and electrical work can be demanding, motivating many homeowners to seek out professional remodeling contractors for assistance.
  • Drywall (2 – 3 days) — Kitchens that require new drywall can expect a quality transformation in a couple of days. Many homeowners attempt this work to save on labor costs.
  • Floors (3 – 5 days) — The type of flooring you install will determine when and how long the installation process takes. Floating floor systems are often installed after the cabinets are placed, as this moving floor can properly accommodate your cabinet dimensions. Secured flooring, on the other hand, should be done now, before the cabinets are placed on top.

DIY kitchen renovations can prove to be very rewarding, but keep in mind that you will be tasked with utility management, permitting, and the proper disposal of your construction waste. If you’re looking for guidance on how to navigate this process, or you wish to see how effective and affordable our home remodeling services can be, contact us online now!


Once all of the rough construction has been completed, the time comes to focus on making the interior of your kitchen clean, comfortable, and convenient. This phase normally takes between one and two months and will include:

  • Installing cabinets (2 – 5 days) — Your cabinet process will rely on expertise and precision for a quality outcome. Those that choose cabinet refacing can skill this step, as our team can leave the existing boxes in-place.
  • Fitting countertops (1 – 3 weeks) — Once the bottom layer of your cabinets is in place, you can begin to fabricate your countertop for the perfect fit. This process can prove very quick, except for the wait associated with creating and shipping a customized countertop.
  • Backsplash options (1 day) — Typically, the backsplash that protects your walls in an aesthetic fashion can be installed in a day or less. Homeowners relying on labor-intensive materials and finishes need to plan accordingly!
  • Install light fixtures (1 – 2 days) — Updating your lighting fixtures can do much to highlight the beauty of your renovations. Kitchen lighting comes in a variety of styles and can typically be installed within one work day.
  • Bring in new appliances (1 – 2 days) — Now that you can see the quality of your work, now comes the time to unbox and install all of your appliances. Take special care not to dent or scratch your new products before use!
  • Fine finishes (1 – 3 days) — Once all of your kitchen renovation materials have been installed, the time comes to polish the look and create a truly beautiful outcome.


After the dust settles (and is swept up), the final task will be for you and your family to make the most of this visually dynamic space. Whether you took on kitchen renovations to increase your space when cooking or you simply wanted a fresh new look, now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Our advice? Host a party! Your friends and family can benefit from the beauty of your upgraded space, and you can see just how convenient your new elements are for guests.

Ready to get started on your own project? Detail Design & Remodeling can help! For years, our home remodeling contractors have specialized in cabinet refacing in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, saving homeowners time, money, and stress in the process. Our Old World approach to craftsmanship ensures that you are left with only high-quality results that are built to last. Our cabinet refacing services can leave your existing system in place, saving you time and money in an eco-friendly manner.

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