5 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels can provide serious benefits for homeowners, increasing the property’s value while also reinvigorating the space with a fresh new design. Your kitchen renovations can also improve the livability of your home, changing to better meet your family’s needs. This room often serves as the hub for modern families, and it can come with a variety of unexpected changes throughout the remodeling process. It’s important to take steps to make the most of your remodel, and our home renovation pros are ready to assist!

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to help Georgia homeowners get the most out of their kitchen remodels, delivering high-quality craftsmanship backed by decades of experience and customer service. While we specialize in cabinet refacing for Atlanta properties, our home remodeling contractors have the skills to create amazing changes from top to bottom. Our pros also strive to help our customers in any way we can, including DIY tips and guidance.

Today, we’ll highlight five tips that may prove useful in making the most out of your kitchen remodeling project. If you’re ready to get started on your kitchen, be sure to contact us today for a free estimate on all of our services!


Anything can happen in home renovations, which is why we highly recommend focusing on proper preparations before you get to work. Our home remodeling company recommends budgeting for more than expected. Many homeowners will put 10 percent of their remodeling money aside to account for any unexpected surprises throughout the renovation process.


While wallpaper and wood paneling were once considered a modern fashion, today’s design schemes focus more on versatility and longevity than what is trendy. It can prove very beneficial to stick to a design that is timeless and traditional, and invest in something that will hold up to years of use without looking drab or dull. We recommend utilizing natural materials such as wood and stone to accent the space, along with traditional colors that aren’t prone to fading. If you are unsure how to proceed, feel free to reach out to our home remodeling team for design assistance!


While some aspects of your kitchen remodel are best left to the professionals, certain tasks may fall under the scope of your DIY skills. Tackling any task that is smaller in scope and more time-intensive yourself can save you some serious money once the project is completed. Homeowners with the ability to make minor drywall repairs, paint, install a backsplash, or upgrade the hardware will be able to cut down on costs while gaining valuable experience for future projects.

Be confident in your skills, but keep in mind that taking on too much can prove costly. One way to build confidence in your home remodeling skills is to read Robert’s Rules of Remodeling, a complete guide to help homeowners navigate the best outcome for their projects.


One way to free up time, space, and money throughout your renovation is to keep your existing cabinet system in place and rely on professional kitchen cabinet refacing services for a beautifully cost-effective outcome. This process replaces the fronts of your existing cabinets, shelves, and fronts, creating a facelift that leaves the interior elements alone. This provides an ideal finish for your new design without the cost of a full replacement.

Cabinet refacing can prove beneficial for many reasons:

  • Save money — New cabinets are typically well worth the cost, but giving your old ones a facelift can help to save you on labor and materials. Keeping the existing structure and replacing the faces and fronts of your kitchen cabinets is an economical way to create a luxurious finish without the luxury price tag.
  • Reduce waste — Instead of throwing your old cabinet boxes into the landfill where it can sit for decades, you can elect to make the most of your existing system. This will vastly reduce the amount of waste taken from your home.
  • Save time — Ordering premade cabinets can take a week to ship and two days to install, while custom cabinets can take upwards of two months to complete! Cabinet refacing leaves your existing boxes in place, reducing much of the labor associated with a typical kitchen remodel.


Despite your skills and experience, home remodeling can prove to be a complex process with thousands of details to cover. If one detail is missed, major problems can develop! Professional assistance may ultimately prove to be more cost-effective than taking on the entire project alone. Homeowners that are confident in their abilities can choose to bring in professional help for the finishing stages, such as the molding and wall textures. Those that are new to this process can work with a home remodeling contractor to determine the most effective solution for achieving their ideal results.

Detail Design & Remodeling of Dunwoody is here to serve as your trusted home remodeling contractor across Georgia. For years, our team has delivered high-quality outcomes relying on our old-world approach to craftsmanship. We specialize in cabinet refacing across Atlanta and the surrounding areas, and we’re confident that our comprehensive home renovation services can enhance your property for a long-lasting result.

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