Explaining Wood Grain With Your Cabinet Refacing Experts Part 2

Woodcrafting. We’ve all done our time in woodshop in school, but many citizens are unaware as to the intricacies and complexities of tree species and how their cellular structures can provide a wide range of benefits or drawbacks when processed for human use. Wood is a beautiful material that can prove very versatile and durable when placed in the hands of a professional. As your custom cabinet professionals, Detail Design & Remodeling specializes in woodworking to deliver old-world craftsmanship and beauty to each of our happy customers. Our home remodeling contractors specialize in cabinet refacing for Georgia homes, serving citizens of Atlanta, Dunwoody, and beyond. We work hard to deliver fast and cost-effective outcomes for your property, giving your cabinets a fresh look that does not require complete replacement services.

Our team knows the complexities involved with woodwork, and our passion is evident in every service we provide. Today, we’ll conclude our look into what wood grain really is and what it entails when it comes to your kitchen cabinet refacing. If you’re ready for a smart choice in kitchen renovations, be sure to reach out to our team for an estimate!


The shape and structure of your wood cells will do much to determine its strengths and weakness in relation to your product demands. Creating these patterns depends heavily on the grain of your wood and the angle at which it is cut. Cutting against the grain will result in a far different outcome than cutting with the grain! While there is not a set science surrounding the classification of grain patterns, we can narrow it down to six unique configurations:

  • Straight grain products mean that the fibers in your wood will all be vertical and parallel. This rigid consistency is ideal for uses where strength is required, as the straight grain can be utilized with easy and precise cuts.
  • Diagonal grain is created when you take a straight-grain product and cut from any angle that is not along the log’s vertical axis.
  • Irregular grain occurs when cells and fibers within the tree form at irregular intervals and in varying directions. This happens commonly around knots and can help or hamper the results of your project. Kitchen cabinets rely on uniformity and will likely not incorporate wavy or irregular grain patterns.
  • Spiral grain can result in amazing visual dynamics, but this pattern often results from trees that grew twisted or curved. People have cited reasons from bare spots missing bark to the Coriolis effect. Often, this pattern can prove problematic in producing quality and consistent patterns on a commercial scale.
  • Interlocked grain. Over the years, the pattern of fibers may move in one direction then switch back the other way. The result is an obvious variation in grain patterns as the wood moves back and forth.
  • Wavy grain is common in flat-sawn products where the fibers constantly move in different directions. While interesting visually, professionals may find it hard to find consistency or stability when it comes to wavy products.


Finding the right team to create a beautiful outcome for your home is important when it comes to cabinet refacing in Georgia. Refacing means your cabinets will be getting a new face, including new doors and drawer fronts. If these cabinet doors are comprised of real wood, it falls on you and your professionals to determine the best option for your unique kitchen. Different species of wood hold vastly different grain patterns, making it vital to find a style that does not clash.

It’s also helpful to utilize a company that relies on quality doors and products, not cheap and unreliable Thermofoil. Detail Design & Remodeling is proud to use only the best products, utilizing real cherry or maple to provide a perfect match for your space. We utilize real veneers as well to provide long-lasting quality.

Detail Design & Remodeling is proud to be your trusted source for cabinet refacing in Georgia, delivering results that are hard to beat. One advantage is our eco-friendly ability to reduce the labor and materials needed to update your kitchen. We also provide custom cabinet services in coordination with our woodworking subsidiary company. 

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