Are Your Kitchen Cabinets Looking Worn Down? Invest In Our Cabinet Refacing Services!

You take pride in the appearance of your home, and put in the effort to maintain a beautiful shine. No matter your best efforts, if the cabinets in your kitchen are looking dull, worn-down, or otherwise used, it can feel impossible to achieve a truly clean space. Many homeowners decide to invest in kitchen renovations, and benefit from a fresh design to make their space more enjoyable and valuable.

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to serve as your top home remodeling contractors across Georgia. Our team specializes in services such as cabinet refacing for Atlanta homes, providing exceptional quality and craftsmanship to wow our customers and exceed their every expectation. We are passionate about improving the lives of homeowners by creating cost-effective change within the home.

If your kitchen cabinets are looking a little worse for the wear, there could be several factors to blame. Keep reading to learn more, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


Many customers come to us seeking cabinet refacing services because their current system looks outdated and worn-down. While style choices can be easy to explain, many people inquire as to how their cabinets can look so aged after only a couple of years’ time.

As the front line in your kitchen design, your cabinets serve a critical function. Daily use can result in a number of factors responsible for the wear and tear, including:

  • Water damage — Steam, standing moisture, and other kitchen-related issues can impact the finish of your cabinets, resulting in spotting, peeling, and cracking. Water issues are commonly found near fridges, dishwashers, and coffee pots.
  • Nicks, scratches, and gouges — Despite your best efforts, small scuffs and abrasions are inevitable. These minor damages can add up over time and worsen the appearance of your cabinet system.
  • Missing finish — Over the years, the finish on your cabinets will begin to wear off. From cleaning and polishing to daily use, small amounts of friction can eventually take the finish off of your cabinets, leaving them open to a range of environmental concerns.
  • UV damage — We all love natural light, and during the summer months, Georgia is known to enjoy ample sunshine. Over the years, though, the indirect light coming into contact with your cabinets can begin to affect the finish, resulting in dryness and discoloration.
  • Age — No matter how much care you put into your cabinet system, sooner or later, the age of the materials will be impossible to hide. The previous problems can be addressed with cosmetic repairs, but it’s nearly impossible to hide the age of ancient cabinets!

Give Your Kitchen Cabinets A Facelift

Once the time comes to replace your aging cabinets, you will need to choose your plan for a dynamic new design. New cabinets can prove to be a long-lasting and beautiful choice, but the overall cost and downtime associated with this endeavor can prove to be a lot to plan for!

Detail Design & Remodeling provides top-notch cabinet refacing services across Atlanta and beyond, relying on our Old World craftsmanship to create luxurious results that are built to last! If your existing cabinet boxes and drawers are in decent condition, our home remodeling contractors can provide a quality facelift, replacing the fronts and doors with real-wood veneers. The result is a beautiful new finish that is fast, affordable, and good for the environment. You can save time, money, and effort, all for a result that can look just as good as a complete replacement!

Install A Fresh Backsplash

These days, homeowners find that installing an exciting backsplash can provide the right level of excitement and value their kitchen designs need to make an impact. This project can prove to be an affordable investment, delivering high-quality results to match your recently refaced cabinets.

Our home remodeling team can provide tile backsplashes, steel, copper, and more to make life easier in the kitchen while enhancing the room’s aesthetics. When installed correctly, a backsplash can infuse serious value into your home!

Now Is The Time For New Countertops

If you’ve made the choice to reface your kitchen cabinets and match them with an exciting backsplash, one thing will be easy to notice — your aging countertops. Now may be an ideal time to budget for new countertops, which can infuse fresh beauty and value into your home. You can invest in standard materials such as granite or marble, or choose something more modern, such as travertine or stainless steel. No matter your choice, new counters will help to liven up the space.

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to serve as your comprehensive home remodeling company, delivering personalized services to ensure your home looks beautiful for years to come. We can help you find the right countertop to accent the rest of your kitchen design. 

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Inevitably, time and use will take their toll on your home’s interior. It pays to find home remodeling contractors with the experience and training to create amazing quality at an affordable price. From custom cabinet work, flooring, and plumbing to new islands, backsplashes, and more, let Detail Design provide a full range of high-quality outcomes for your kitchen renovation. 

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