Planning On Kitchen Renovations? Learn About 5 Phases Of Remodeling

If you’re excited about remodeling your kitchen, we get it! Improvements to the most functional room in the home can provide serious convenience and value for families across the country. If you’re considering kitchen remodeling in Georgia, it can help to plan accordingly and work with the right remodeling company for the job.

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to provide high-quality renovation services including cabinet refacing to homes across Atlanta, Dunwoody, and beyond. Over the years, our home remodeling contractors have refined our process, and we’re excited to show customers how beautiful and affordable the results can be!

Today, we’ll highlight six phases of remodeling to help you plan your project, as well as a few tips to assist along the way. If you’re ready to learn about the beauty and value behind our home remodeling services, be sure to contact us today!


Before work can begin, your home remodeling contractors will need to come in and take out all of the surfaces and appliances to be replaced. The first phase of kitchen remodeling can vary widely in time based on the size and complexity of your plans. Most homeowners are amazed by the final results, and will plan for long periods of work in order to enjoy an exceptional outcome.

Don’t forget that any changes to your current plumbing can result in limited functionality in terms of dishes, dining, and more. Homeowners planning an extensive remodel will need to account for daily amenities to make their kitchen renovation as pain-free as possible.

Tip: To save time, try to limit any structural changes. Removing or adding a wall, cutting out room for a new window, or installing a gas line can all add a lot to the bill, so plan carefully!


Oftentimes, updates to a kitchen can include changes in the plumbing, lights, outlets, and more. Your contractor will discuss the rough-in process of changing any utility lines, appliance places, and other areas. If you’re installing wiring, upgrading the lighting, or making any changes beneath the surface of your renovations, now is the time to plan for them.

Tip: Communicate clearly with your home remodeling contractor when scheduling this phase, as a lack of availability may leave you and your family waiting. Your kitchen renovation experts will be able to plan on a time that delivers quick outcome.


The order of your home renovations can determine how easy it will be to accomplish certain tasks. Painting before installing your new cabinets, for example, can achieve easy access and clean finishes. If you’re planning on kitchen cabinet refacing, do not worry — there’ll be time to replace the fronts of your cabinet system, including real wood veneers for a fresh new surface that adds depth and quality.

Flooring is often done after the painting phase, as contractors and homeowners prefer to work on a surface that’s about to be replaced instead of a new material, which will necessitate much more care.

Tip: Plan ahead with your flooring materials, as the type of material used will determine how long the process will take. If you’re worried about time, be sure to contact a home remodeling contractor to see how fast and effective professional installations can be!


Once all of the rough adjustments and mechanical upgrades have been completed, the time comes to focus on cabinet installation, countertop preparation, and the fitting of your new appliances. Keep in mind that custom cabinets will take more time, as your contractors will need to measure, design, and fabricate beautiful systems from scratch.

Tip: If your existing boxes and drawers are in good condition, cabinet refacing may prove to be a much more beneficial option. Learn more about our kitchen cabinet refacing services before scheduling your estimate!


Once all of your cabinets have been replaced (or refaced!) and the appliances are installed, it’s time to move onto the final phase. Many contractors will take this time to measure for your countertops and fabricate an order accordingly, removing the need for caulking or any unsightly gap fillers.

Through the final phase, your home remodeling contractors will provide the finishing touches. This can include a couple of days of minor adjustments, molding corrections, toe kicks, and more. Allow up to six days for your finishes touches to come together.

Tip: New countertops will need to be templated and measured precisely to deliver an ideal fit in your kitchen. If possible, work with your contractors to create a countertop design as soon as possible to minimize the wait associated with material processing.

Remember: Every Project Varies

Despite the best-laid plans and relative simplicity of your project, keep in mind that times can vary. Our home remodeling contractors have seen timelines of all lengths over the years, ranging from clean and simple kitchen renovations that took a few days to complete overhauls ranging upwards of six months!

No matter your plans, our home remodeling company is here to provide the most effective, affordable, and beautiful results to ensure you are happy with where you live. Detail Design & Remodeling of Atlanta and Dunwoody is proud to serve homeowners across the area, relying on old-world craftsmanship and advantageous cabinet refacing services to deliver truly luxurious results. You can rely on our certified home remodeling experts to get the job done!

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