Highlighting Some Customer Favorites Of Our Cabinet Refacing Services – Part 1

Home renovations are all about quality. From the types of materials used to the finished outcome, every element of your project should rely on quality practices, products, and professionalism to deliver the best outcome possible. When it comes to kitchen remodels, homeowners face the unique challenge of combining all of the elements of the most versatile room in the home to create a comfortable, cohesive outcome that provides daily enjoyment for years to come. If you’re considering kitchen renovations this winter and want to create a quality outcome without the high price tag, Detail Design & Remodeling is here and ready to help!

For years, our team has specialized in cabinet refacing across Atlanta, Dunwoody, and beyond. By focusing on Old World craftsmanship and quality products, our home remodeling contractors are able to provide stunning outcomes that are always well worth the endeavor. We love to provide our services to help homeowners turn their vision into reality, and our customer-first approach has been instrumental in our success as a home remodeling company.

Today, we’ll discuss a few elements of our complete kitchen solutions that customers have loved over the years. If you’re ready to transform your home, our cabinet refacing pros are here and ready to provide the best outcome that we can. Call today to learn more about our refacing services, custom cabinet creations, and more, and be sure to check out our video testimonials!


Cabinet companies have long relied on two styles for installation in homes across Georgia:

  1. Cabinetry that extends to the ceiling. Homes featuring an eight-foot ceiling may include kitchen cabinets that stretch the full span of the room.
  2. Cabinetry with trim that does not extend to the ceiling. In most cases, cabinets were installed on a large scale and do not extend to the ceiling. Kitchens in this style will feature a small space on top of the cabinets, often decorated to take up the space.

If your home is full of this empty space on top, now may be the perfect time to upsize your upper cabinets to increase storage space and create a complete look that delivers a cohesive and complete look. Homes undergoing our kitchen cabinet refacing services in Atlanta and beyond have the opportunity to raise the height of their system, but we recommend doing so if you have the right space for it. Homes with ceilings over 10 feet will likely not look good with full-height cabinets. Beyond the aesthetic challenges of this approach, gaining access to the upper sections will prove to be very inconvenient.


A lot of homes across Georgia rely on older kitchen styles that, while classy in nature, provide little storage room. Detail Design & Remodeling can help you personalize your kitchen by adding height to your top cabinets, but we can also improve the space beneath your counters for implementing a smooth, simple system that makes life easier. We will offer cost-effective solutions wherever possible to ensure you are left with the perfect level of storage. In many cases, this can include updating certain elements of your cabinet system to change the existing format. Custom cabinet work can deliver considerable value and convenience for any home, so be sure to contact our team to learn about our Old World approach to craftsmanship and quality!


Beyond adding in drawers in the most cost-effective manner possible, our kitchen remodeling team can also create ideal storage solutions throughout your space. One of our cabinet refacing projects in Dunwoody highlighted a vertical opening above the refrigerator for fast, convenient access to those hard-to-reach places. Instead of living with storage space that you’ll never utilize, let our team take a look and see if there are any opportunities for improvement. Small improvements now can result in major benefits over the years, so be sure to call us for your free consultation!


One element of home design that can prove to be stressful for any homeowner is the decision-making process. You will have a lot on your plate throughout this project, and will likely be faced with several key decisions as the build continues. Detail Design & Remodeling understands the anxiety that can come with making big decisions in a short amount of time, and our team members will take the time to work with every step of the way to ensure you are informed and confident in your choices. Kitchen design is complex, but our team will take every step to ensure that you are happy with your decisions and excited about the outcome.

There are many avenues for achieving a successful outcome that perfectly matches your vision, lifestyle, and budget. Our home remodeling contractors will visit your place and learn everything we can to ensure that the outcome of our work is perfectly tailored to your plans for the project. Detail Design & Remodeling is here to provide expert services, but you’re the one that will be living with the results! We specialize in cabinet refacing across Georgia, including Atlanta, Dunwoody, and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about our services, and be sure to schedule your free consultation!

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