Is Cabinet Refacing Worth It? Our Home Remodelers Say “Yes!”

A kitchen renovation can be a complex endeavor, demanding a lot of research, time, and attention to create the best outcome. Many homeowners decide to take on the renovation services themselves, while others invest in the sure quality of a home remodeling contractor. Regardless of your plans, one question may arise during the planning process: is cabinet refacing worth it?

Yes! Detail Design & Remodeling believes in the value of cabinet refacing, serving Atlanta, Dunwoody, and surrounding areas with high-quality home renovation services. Our team specializes in cabinet refacing services, and we can help you create the best transformation from start to finish.


The worth of kitchen cabinet refacing relies heavily on the final result. Homeowners who desire a dramatic transformation consider cabinet refacing because of its ability to create a seamless outcome that looks just as good as a full replacement. Successfully pulling off a five-star transformation will empower you as the homeowner to do several things:

Keep The Convenience

Full kitchen renovations can become a hassle for those not prepared for the experience. Many homeowners end up relying on paper plates and plastic utensils while their kitchen is under reconstruction, dining out, or redirecting all dishes to the bathroom down the hall.

Cabinet refacing keeps your existing systems in place, allowing you access to your kitchen amenities (assuming other projects aren’t impeding access!). Through this convenient service, you are simply tasked with emptying out your cabinets and drawers and restocking them once our home remodelers are finished. This benefit alone is enough for many Georgia homeowners to contact us for cabinet refacing!

Shorten Completion Times

Beyond making life easier in the kitchen, cabinet refinishing and refacing can also cut down on your total project time. Demolition can take up a considerable amount of time and effort, slowing down your kitchen remodel time frame. Full kitchen renovations can take between four and six weeks, with more intensive projects taking as long as five months!

Cabinet refacing can often be done in two days, creating the high-quality finish many homeowners are looking for in half the time. In some cases, waiting for custom cabinets to arrive on-site (and be fitted accordingly with outlets and switches) can take up weeks of the schedule.

Save The Environment

Many customers are happy to learn how eco-friendly kitchen cabinet refacing can be in comparison to traditional replacement methods. Instead of taking your boxes, doors, and drawers and dropping them off at the Dekalb County Landfill or through your local dumping service, you can instead keep the materials in your kitchen.

Detail Design & Remodeling can craft quality outcomes relying on our eco-friendly practices. We value our planet and work to create a brighter future through responsible home remodeling services.

Strengthen The Budget

The costs of kitchen renovations can quickly add up, especially if you’re going for a full remodel. Some homeowners will opt for cost-effective techniques to create luxurious results without the intense costs. Many of our cost-conscious customers across Atlanta and Dunwoody invest in cabinet refacing to match the exterior results of a full cabinet replacement with the advantage of reduced:

  • Downtime — Remember how fast your cabinet refacing was completed? This helps to reduce the downtime, which can come with costly overhead costs over time!
  • Materials — Cabinet boxes, drawers, and doors take up a considerable amount of your kitchen space. Cabinet refacing services leave everything where it is, allowing customers to invest in new hardware to match the new look.
  • Labor — Our home remodeling contractors can get the job done faster and with less effort required, reducing the amount of labor needed throughout the renovation. Fewer hands on-site can lower costs.

Create More Satisfaction

Ultimately, the purpose of kitchen cabinet refacing is to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction in the most effective way possible. When done correctly, this service can prove to be very advantageous for many homeowners. If you don’t like the results, was any of the effort worth it? Detail Design & Remodeling is here to serve as your trusted cabinet refacing team in Atlanta and Dunwoody, delivering high-quality results that are personalized to provide the most value.

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