Home Remodeling Tips To Expand Smaller Kitchens Part 2

Home remodeling can be a very rewarding activity that is as fun to plan as it is to utilize the space once the job is done. For a long time, homeowners with limited square footage in their abodes have had to deal with physical limitations. Smaller kitchens, for example, were often overcrowded and impractical. Today, renovation companies such as Detail Design & Remodeling strive to provide the amazing results for kitchens of all sizes. While we have devoted our expertise to cabinet refacing for Atlanta homes and beyond, our home remodeling contractors have the tools and expertise needed to complete any residential upgrade. For years, we’ve worked hard to revolutionize the function and enjoyability of Georgia kitchens.

Smaller kitchens do face bigger challenges, but in the end, an amazing outcome can result that enables you to enjoy your limited room for years to come. Proper planning and a keen eye is often all it takes to make a big difference. Today, we’ll continue our two-part series on tips that may prove useful in transforming your small kitchen into an ideal space. When done, be sure to contact us to see how our cabinet refinishing services can create beautiful, affordable cabinets for your project!


A theme that will continue to develop through our blogature is the use of different combinations of materials to create dynamic contrasts between different aspects in the home. Homeowners who correctly mix and match different styles in their kitchen will see a visual improvement, making the space look cleaner, more spacious, and more enjoyable to look at. Smaller kitchens hold less room for spacing out conflicting styles, necessitating the need for proper planning. Your kitchen should benefit from matching up different materials in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. With reduced room, any visual issues will be obvious. Your countertops may look nice in conjunction with the floors, yet the conflicting cabinets may create a chaotic design scheme. The risk for missing the mark with your material mashup is higher, but there is a bigger reward when the job is done correctly.


Through this blog, we’ve placed an emphasis on making the most out of a little kitchen in relation to installing premium options. While the budget is more economical for your wallet, it is important to remember that kitchen renovations can be costly. Detail Design & Remodeling started as a renovation company in Atlanta that focused on comprehensive kitchen solutions. Today, we specialize in cabinet refacing services across Northern Georgia, offering amazing results that are as cost-effective as they are eco-friendly. Our home remodelers can visit your home to offer design advice for our cabinet resurfacing and refinishing services in combination with your exciting new upgrades. From long-lasting paints to all-wood veneers, your cabinets can benefit from an affordable facelift. Paring our maple and cherry finishes with your floors and counters may prove to be one of the biggest improvements for your project!


In many homes, the opportunity exists for beautiful and affordable custom cabinet work. We can also offer a number of custom woodwork services to serve as your all-in-one approach for kitchen design. Detail Design & Remodeling is proud to offer custom cabinet solutions, including:

  • Pullouts. Small kitchens rely on fixtures that make the most of the space provided. Where pans, cutting boards, and other long devices need storage, your cooking space can benefit from cabinets that slide out with the pull of a handle.
  • Appliance spaces. Often referred to as an appliance garage, our remodelers can measure and cut an area out for your appliance, creating more countertop space without compromising functionality.
  • Rollout pantries. When space is limited, your kitchen can benefit from an older design that focuses on utilizing the depth of your cabinets instead of the width. A 10-inch cabinet can slide out to reveal items that would previously had been stacked in the same space.
  • Glass cabinets. An easy way to create depth in your kitchen is to open up the viewing of your cabinet’s interiors with glass panes. When combined with bright colors, some styles can further add to the airy feel.

No matter your spatial limitations, our custom cabinet solutions can help! Detail Design & Remodeling and its partner company were founded on delivering the best results for our customers. Being able to change the shape, color, and style of outdated cabinets to match the allure of a new kitchen design is a skill that has driven our specialists for years.

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes with all manners of design. Our home remodeling contractors strive to deliver amazing outcomes for all of our Georgia clients. Exceeding high expectations is what we strive for, and installing quality products is how we do it. 

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