Explaining The Value Of Our Wood Veneers In Our Cabinet Refacing Services

Quality. While many home remodeling companies across the country rely on this word for daily business, few succeed in delivering amazing results that meet or exceed the client’s high standards. Even if the outcome of your home renovations looks great, bear in mind that low-quality materials may have been used to cut costs, putting your place at risk for future problems. Those seeking out home renovation services such as cabinet refacing in Georgia can benefit from making a call to Detail Design & Remodeling.

For decades, our home remodeling contractors have worked diligently to provide old-world outcomes that are sure to impress your home’s inhabitants on a daily basis. We have the experience and training needed to deliver amazing results for every home, and we would be happy to schedule a free consultation with you.

Every service we offer is centered around quality. Unlike other kitchen cabinet refacing companies that rely on inferior materials such as as particleboard or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Our team, on the other hand, relies on natural wood for the best results.


Like other veneers, wood veneers consist of a thin, beautiful layer that is treated to provide an amazing shine over the top of your existing surfaces. You can find a range of material combinations to use for your kitchen, but keep in mind that many veneers rely on particle board, plywood, and more to minimize costs. If you are planning on kitchen resurfacing services to enhance your home renovations, be sure to do your research into the materials being used!


Detail Design & Remodeling is proud to offer old-world craftsmanship, and part of that approach includes a focus on finer details. When it comes to the front of your cabinet doors and boxes, the quality of our real-wood veneers shines through. Our team will work hard to deliver a price fit for your home, delivering an amazing facelift that is sure to transform your kitchen without the high costs or waste.

Quality Aesthetics

Simply put, real-wood veneers look great. Georgia homeowners can benefit from the depth and texture of these cabinet fronts, as real wood only helps to increase the quality of your kitchen design. Relying on quality woods such as maple or cherry, consumers all over can find the perfect fit for their interior designs. Instead of dull, artificial surfaces, be sure to speak with our cabinet refacing team about our inventory of materials!

Durable Results

Compared to materials such as plywood, real-wood veneers are able to resist more damage and warping. Moisture, for example, can be very damaging for products such as MDF, compromising the quality of your finish and necessitating future repairs. While wood is also susceptible to water damage, this material will be better able to resist fragmenting, warping, and more.

Natural Materials

While the fiberboards available for cabinet refacing across the country are meant to be strong and affordable, they are often the biggest culprits for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Natural-wood veneers rely on the value of natural materials, introducing few environmental hazards compared to the artificial components available for cabinet resurfacing. Your wood veneers will last a long time, and they will do so in a way that minimizes the VOC risks faced by your family.

Natural wood is also more recyclable than any other material available, providing additional eco-friendly benefits for your property. Most woods can easily be recycled, broken down and converted into an artificial component like MDF.

Economic Outcomes

Ultimately, homeowners will be able to rely on the beauty and durability of their wood cabinet fronts at a very affordable price. Unlike the cost of full wood, veneers consist of only one thin layer, covering any material to give the impression of high-quality construction without the price tag. Our home remodeling contractors will deliver precise fits for your kitchen, creating the illusion that these veneers constitute your entire cabinet system, and Detail Design & Remodeling can work with you to find the outcome that best matches your working budget. We understand the importance of keeping costs under control, and will deliver personalized services in a way that maximizes your investment. We focus on quality, and provide cost-effective outcomes that help to maximize the results for every budget.

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