What Are The Concerns About Cabinet Refacing? Our Remodelers Explain

Homeowners all across the country are looking for the smartest, most cost-effective ways to update their homes without breaking the bank. We all want an updated home interior, but wanting and financing a project are two completely different things! The kitchen, in particular, is one area where many homeowners end up spending more than they anticipated. One smart move is to invest in kitchen cabinet refacing, which simply takes the fronts of your cabinet doors and boxes and gives them a facelift for a fresh and long-lasting result. For years, Detail Design & Remodeling has worked to be your source for the best cabinet refacing services in Georgia, serving households in Dunwoody, Atlanta, and beyond. We know the challenges of designing a comprehensively qualitative kitchen, and our home remodeling contractors are here and ready to lend a hand.

While our custom cabinet services strive to provide the best value for your Georgia home, cabinet refacing is not a solve-all. Today, we’ll highlight a few disadvantages associated with this cost-effective process. If you’re looking to replace your outdated cabinets, be sure to contact us today to see how we can cut those prices in half!


The cost-effective benefits of cabinet refacing are only possible if the proper parameters are met. Homeowners looking to make big changes to their kitchen need to keep in mind that cabinet refacing, while beautiful and built to last, only extends to the visual aspects of your kitchen design. Home renovation projects provide the perfect time for value-seekers to modify their floor plan, introducing new or custom cabinets into the kitchen for an amazing space that feels like an entirely new room. Cabinet refacing is cosmetic and does not affect the floor plan, nor does it account for other renovations to enhance your space.

You may be worried about finding the team to update your property to match your plans exactly, and our home remodeling contractors can work with you to create a personalized plan that achieves all of you design goals while staying within your budget.


Homeowners looking for a comprehensive outcome for their kitchen cabinets may be let down after their cabinet refinishing services. This is because our unbeatable process serves to deliver an aesthetic makeover on the exterior, but the interior is left alone. Homeowners that are proud of their new kitchens may be let down by the drab appeal of the boxes’ insides, as the vision of quality can be upset after opening just one door. There are two aspects of your cabinet interiors that may need to be addressed if you are not happy with just the exterior outcome. Our experts can help you to find the best solutions if you are worried about:


If the shelves in your kitchen have shouldered a heavy burden over the decades, now may be the ideal time to invest in new replacements. Ugly, fraying shelves can sabotage the look of your cabinet interior. For an added benefit, you can choose the best shelf style to enhance the new look of your doors and box exteriors. DIYers can look to take this project on alone, but keep in mind that the quality of your cabinets’ interior relies more on performance than aesthetics, and installing products that are not precise may result in future issues.

Inside Aesthetics

Homeowners who do want the fullest level of quality for their kitchen renovation can benefit from an interior makeover. You can benefit from options such as interior cabinet refinishing, refacing, or even paint the interior for a comprehensive outcome. The benefit behind this extra step is that it further adds to the quality of your kitchen design, providing visual quality even when those updated cabinet doors are opened. People who love to entertain may feel the need to update their cabinets’ interiors to ensure that the beauty of their kitchen is not sabotaged once a guest goes for a drinking glass.

Keep in mind that these extra efforts will cost more, and too much expenditure on this process may end up making new cabinet installations worth the price! The labor and materials needed can quickly increase your budget, making it essential to plan ahead and calculate thoroughly to determine which strategy will provide the best outcome for your home.


Cabinet refacing is the perfect time to update the hardware as well. These sturdy products are built to withstand a lot of wear and tear, but over the years, damages and warping may have affected the aesthetic and physical quality of your cabinets. Doors with missing handles and drawers that stick when opening can be smoothed out by our professional home remodelers. This can prove even more valuable for homeowners with kids that have damaged these vital components, or for those with loud doors that always slam close. We can help you find the best hardware solutions to optimize your space!

Detail Design & Remodeling is proud to serve as your source for trusted cabinet refacing in Dunwoody, Atlanta, and beyond. Our professional team has worked to optimize our services to deliver old-world craftsmanship that serves to save you money. We also specialize in full remodels, including custom cabinets and woodworking. If you have been considering updating your kitchen but don’t want to pay the high price for new cabinets, especially of those cabinets are still in good condition, then refacing may the best solution.

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