Reviewing The Cabinet Refacing Process With Detail Design & Remodeling

You put a lot of love and effort into your home, and want your space to feel clean and comfortable. Many homeowners decide to invest in kitchen renovations to improve its style and design, as this versatile room tends to set the stage for other home improvements. Creating a kitchen design that is both affordable and aesthetically pleasing can be a challenge, which is why many people turn to cabinet refacing as the right choice.

Detail Design & Remodeling of Atlanta delivers quality cabinet refacing services to homeowners in need, relying on our old-world craftsmanship to generate lasting beauty and value fit for the uniqueness of each family. We offer a complete range of home improvement services to assist you in bringing your vision to life, including custom woodwork, cabinet refinishing, and more.

Today, we’ll review our cabinet refacing process, as well as the value of hiring a professional remodeling contractor to help with your property improvements. Ready to see how much you can save through our services? Contact us today for a free consultation!


Kitchen cabinet refacing is a straightforward process consisting of replacing the face of your existing cabinet system. The quality of materials and craftsmanship provided will make a big difference in creating that perfect result that you’ll love each and every morning, delivering lasting value for years to come.

To review, we’ll highlight the key steps of our cabinet refacing process, which includes:

Door Removal — All of your cabinet drawers and doors are removed, leaving the boxes and shelves intact.

Prep/Repairs — Any minor adjustments or repairs will be made if necessary (if your existing system is not in good condition, a full replacement may prove more worthwhile!).

Apply Veneer — The fronts/sides of your cabinet boxes, doors, and drawers will be covered in a natural wood veneer. Our remodelers never use cheaper materials such as Rigid Thermofoil (RTF), which is known to be more prone to warping and discoloration.

Install Hinges — Typically, new hardware is introduced to create a better look and performance for your cabinet system. This includes new hinges.

Install Door and Drawer Fronts — The updated cabinet doors and drawers will now be installed, backed by precision to ensure that everything works as it should. We’ll also provide the right finish for your veneer, delivering consistency as well as protection.

Add Hardware — You can now make a big difference in your design with upgraded pulls, handles, and other upgrades.

Fast And Affordable Results

Whereas a new cabinet installation can take weeks or even months of time to complete, cabinet refacing can be done in a matter of days. This can prove extremely beneficial to families who rely on their kitchen for all of life’s activities. Your cabinet refacing company should be able to complete the process mentioned above in three or four days, leaving all other kitchen elements in place to allow for access when needed.

The time and materials of new cabinet installation can add up by the end of your remodel. It can help to know that cabinet refacing tends to cost half as much as a custom replacement on average. Even the most cost-effective deals on new cabinets can prove to cost thousands more than refacing services.

Invest In Professional Results

Putting your time and resources into cabinet refacing can prove very cost-effective, but only under the right circumstances. Despite their age, if your existing cabinets are in overall good condition, then a wood veneer should be able to be applied with no problem. Sturdy cabinets are also important in refacing for gaining the best return through longevity, as the effort won’t be worth it if you need new cabinets in a couple of years anyways!

Detail Design & Remodeling offers high-quality results on every project, ensuring that you gain the most satisfaction and value. Our customers love the results of our work, and believe that it is 100% worth it to work with a professional remodeling company to ensure the highest level of success.


While ideal for creating a major visual transformation without the high costs, there are some limitations when it comes to refacing services. It can help to speak with a professional about whether or not cabinet refacing is the best choice for your budget or long-term goals.

Do I need to make changes to my layout?

If the answer is yes, then you should consider discussing new or custom cabinets with your home remodeling team. Additional services such as an island buildout can add to the project outcome without requiring new cabinets, but movement of plumbing fixtures, new layout changes, or other upgrades will likely require additional work such as cabinet replacement.

Are my cabinets in okay condition?

Ideally, your cabinets have aged well over the years, and will require very minimal attention to achieve success when cabinet refacing. Minor dings and dents are no issue, but more serious concerns such as warped wood may impede the ability to create a strong bond between the veneer and the existing surface. If you’re unsure if your cabinets are good candidates for refacing, a member of our team can provide a virtual or in-person assessment.

Do I want changes to the interior of my cabinets?

While not out of the realm of possibility, the cost of painting or refacing the inside of your cabinet boxes may prove to be more of a strain on your budget. We can achieve an ideal solution for your intended look without sacrificing a lot of time or money, but after a certain point, other services may prove more effective.

Schedule Your Consultation

Detail Design & Remodeling specializes in cabinet refacing for homes in Atlanta, Roswell, Marietta, Dunwoody, Lawrenceville, and the surrounding areas. You can schedule a free consultation online to have a member of our team arrive and provide a comprehensive (and safe) inspection of your home. We’ll also provide our full showroom of options to give you an up-close idea of how your new kitchen will look.

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