Tips To Match Your Countertops With Our Cabinet Refacing Services Part 2

Home remodeling projects rely on a number of different benchmarks to measure the successful use of your time and energy. One proven way to help homeowners avoid costly setbacks or unsightly mistakes is to plan ahead and set your design scheme before getting to work. This can go a long way in preventing any erroneous actions once you are inundated with tasks to get done. Another approach that can save you time and energy as a Georgia resident is to utilize our cabinet refacing in Atlanta. Detail Design & Remodeling is here to serve as your kitchen cabinet refacing experts, delivering quality services that can create amazing outcomes for your space that are eco-friendly and cost-effective. Our team of home remodeling contractors can work with you to create a personalized approach that exceeds your standards while staying within your budget. From cabinet resurfacing services to full-scale remodels, we’re ready to enhance the enjoyment and value of your home!

Our experts are here to create the best possible outcomes for your home renovations. Today, we’ll conclude our discussion with a few tips that can help homeowners to best match their floors, cabinets, and countertops. When you are finished, be sure to contact us for a quote for your cabinet refacing services!


If you’ve decided to leave your kitchen flooring intact, or if you’ve already made a choice on your new flooring material, it’s important to focus on finding countertops that match well enough to stay within the parameters of your color scheme. Floors and counters that do not match will often clash with opposing textures and styles, creating dissonance that disrupts the harmony of your new design. Your kitchen cabinets should also be under consideration as you shop, as the floors need to work harmoniously with your cabinetry for the best results. Be sure to work closely with your local home improvement store or your team of home remodeling contractors to ensure that your existing floors do not disrupt your future design.


One handy part of home remodeling projects is that they often come with a lot of support to help consumers make the best choice for their projects. Many of us are visual learners and can benefit from collecting samples to bring home for a direct comparison. Even if you’re confident about the harmony between your new kitchen elements, it can prove very beneficial to take your samples home to see how the colors and patterns look in tandem together in their planned environment. From the amount of natural sunlight available to the visuals of your trim and accents, every aspect of your home can impact the final look of your new colors. If you aren’t sure, stock up on your favorite samples and arrange them at home to give yourself a clear picture of what is in and what is out.


How you accessorize your updated kitchen will play a role in how everything meshes together. Homeowners at this stage have a lot of power in how their final display will look. We recommend utilizing bold accent colors for kitchen appliances, walls, and smaller objects to bring the room together. Some designers will focus on bright metallics to brighten up the kitchen while others choose to focus on ornate elements to infuse more character. In any case, this stage should be one of the last and most effective tasks with your kitchen renovation project.


One convenient approach that can help you to remodel your existing kitchen cabinets is to reface them. By swapping out the front-facing elements of your cabinetry, you can essentially give it a “facelift” that transforms the look of your kitchen without the high costs of a full replacement. Our home remodeling contractors can work with you to go through our wide range of finishes and paint colors to help find the perfect match for your project. Our cabinet resurfacing and refacing services save you time and waste, keeping more money in your pocket while keeping harmful elements out of your local landfill. We can work with you to create a customized look for your cabinets, creating long-term beauty that will hold up in your home for years to come.

Matching your countertops with your cabinets can be very difficult. When you mix in the challenges of matching these two elements with the existing floors, it should be easy to see why home design is not taken lightly. If you’re considering kitchen renovations in Georgia, be sure to give us a call! Detail Design & Remodeling is proud to be your source for quality cabinet refacing in Atlanta, delivering amazing outcomes for each and every one of our clients. We utilize the best practices and materials in the industry to ensure that you are happy with the results for the long haul. 

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