Tips To Match Your Countertops With Our Cabinet Refacing Services Part 1

As a Georgia homeowner, you have probably considered the benefits of upgrading your space to make it more modern, more convenient, and more valuable. While many of us have that DIY attitude, creating a design plan that perfectly balances the many elements in your house can be a challenge that requires serious planning and foresight. The kitchen is one space that relies heavily on a cohesive theme to set the mood and tone for your eating and entertaining activities. While you can get excited about one aspect of your kitchen remodel, it’s essential to take in the full picture before getting to work. If your cabinets are looking worse for the wear, a replacement system may be the facelift your kitchen needed. Instead of paying full price for complete tear-downs and installs, we recommend kitchen cabinet refacing. For years, Detail Design & Remodeling has worked to deliver the most beautiful and cost-effective renovation services in the industry. Our home remodeling contractors have years of experience in the industry, specializing in a panoply of services to deliver an amazing outcome for your home.

If you’re in need of cabinet refacing in Atlanta or the surrounding areas, our experts are here and ready to help. The Detail Design team is dedicated to providing the best results for each of our clients, which is why today’s blog will discuss a few helpful tips in finding the best balance between your countertops and your cabinets. When done, be sure to reach out to our cabinet refinishing pros for a quote!


The real challenge of finding a quality fit between your biggest kitchen elements is determining the color pallet you plan to use for your countertops, cabinets, and floors. Today’s vendors have a wide range of options and tools to help you in this quest, including pre-made themes and color charts. From the floor to the ceiling, every surface you plan on painting should be included in your design scheme for the kitchen. One quality approach is to choose two simple dominant colors that complement one another and then a third color that can serve as an accent to create depth and character in your space. Choosing a color template will help you to determine the feel of your kitchen and keep you on track for the rest of your project.


The choice of your countertop will often be one of the biggest decisions to make in your project, as this slab tends to be the most costly product for any kitchen renovation. Many homeowners aim to put off this fiscal challenge, but we recommend choosing your counters early on. Countertop materials can vary widely in color in addition to pattern, creating a complex tapestry that can be hard to replicate. Because of this, it is normally easier to decide on your countertops before your floors or cabinets, as these two products have more design versatility.

Your choice of countertop materials will play a major role in the cost and outcome of your kitchen remodel. Each material holds its own unique benefits and drawbacks. A few countertop styles to choose from include:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Tile
  • Solid wood
  • Solid surface
  • Concrete
  • Stainless steel
  • Engineered stone


Finding a material that works seamlessly with your kitchen can help to save a lot of heartache. Homeowners who own a classic home can work to enhance that classy feel by utilizing time-appropriate options. Modern granite, for example, will not unify the timeless theme of your kitchen. Once your countertop is chosen, provide a sample to your hardware store or home remodeling contractors to begin looking for matching textures and tones. How you choose to color your kitchen is entirely up to you, as homeowners have found differing levels of success with their paint finishes. One attractive approach relies on matching the counters to the floors with one dominant color while painting your cabinets the second dominant color to create separation and a degree of depth.

Homeowners everywhere are constantly looking for the best ways to keep their space both modern and comfortable. You need a home that matches your unique style, delivering comfort and relaxation like nowhere else. It’s important to plan projects like your kitchen renovation, which is why we’ll continue this blog next time.

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to serve as your quality source for cabinet refacing in Atlanta and Dunwoody. From custom cabinets to full remodels, our team of home remodeling contractors is here and ready to create long-lasting solutions for your property. 

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