5 Signs It’s Time For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

More time spent at home may have made it obvious to you that your once-beautiful kitchen design is now drab and dull. Many homeowners are taking their extra time at home to plan and execute beautiful updates across their kitchen space, which often includes the ingenuity and value of cabinet refacing.

As Atlanta’s cabinet refacing team, Detail Design & Remodeling is here to offer high-quality results at economical prices. We know how important kitchen renovations can be to Georgia homeowners, and we work hard to personalize each project to bring our customers’ visions to life.

We’re here to schedule your in-home consultation, where our home remodeling contractors will provide our full showroom to help you create the best fit for your kitchen design. Today, we’ll cover five signs that it’s time to schedule your cabinet refacing services.


The kitchen serves as a place of cooking and collaboration, often leading to soiled surfaces. Heavy use can take its toll on your kitchen, as your cabinet doors and drawer fronts begin to show the signs of extended use and exposure to sunshine. A fresh, clean update may be all that is needed to revitalize your kitchen space, which is where cabinet refacing can prove to be the best choice!

You can choose from a number of styles to clean up your kitchen design and create lasting value. Our remodelers can provide minor repairs to restore your cabinets. We’ll improve the entire process with fast and effective cabinet refacing, cutting your downtime and project costs in half!


Years of quality use can take their toll on your cabinets, resulting in dingy, rusted, and otherwise worn hardware and accessories. If the heavy use of your kitchen has become obvious across your cabinet hardware, refacing can provide the perfect upgrade.

Detail Design offers cost-effective upgrades to go with your cabinet refacing, including luxurious handles, pulls, knobs, and hinges. We can swap out your existing hardware while we take out your drawers and doors, creating a clean look when all is said and done. You’ll love the added detail of upgraded hardware, as well as the value added for the price.


Do your cabinet drawers often get stuck? Do they slam or stick during use? Do your doors not align with their boxes? The hardware and condition of your cabinets are likely to blame, and can be further updated with new soft-close systems for a smooth, seamless operation.

Homeowners who undergo our cabinet refacing services often do not realize how they have been missing out with older, standard hardware systems. Detail Design & Remodeling will provide old-world craftsmanship to restore the functionality of your kitchen cabinets, creating a sturdy finish that you will enjoy for years to come.


One of the most obvious signs it’s time to make an update comes when you walk into your kitchen space for the first time of the day. Regardless of the cause, it’s obvious that your once-beautiful kitchen cabinets are now ugly and outdated. You may be due for an entire kitchen remodel, or you simply require updated cabinets as the final piece of your redesign puzzle. Cabinet refacing offers cost-effective ways to create an amazing update.

Detail Design & Remodeling offers cabinet refacing services to help get you out of the eighties. We can incorporate real wood veneers into your kitchen cabinet refacing, blending in seamlessly with the countertops, walls, and appliances. Choose your style to go with updated appliances, or contrast against your new flooring.


If you are happy with the layout of your kitchen but wish you could do more to expand or improve your storage space, then cabinet refacing may be the perfect time to introduce some more effective storage measures. You can implement some value-added updates without big changes or added labor. 

Minor alterations may be achieved with our cabinet refacing services, but keep in mind that other services will likely increase the budget. Detail Design can work with you to create the best solutions for your design demands while focusing on affordability, offering custom woodwork to help you customize your cabinet layout. 

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Regardless of your kitchen design plans or budget, the pros at Detail Design & Remodeling in Atlanta are here and ready to lend a hand. Our home remodeling contractors rely on old-world craftsmanship to generate luxurious results at budget prices. We know how valuable a professional kitchen renovation can be, and `we are happy to offer our cabinet refacing services to get the job done right.

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Cabinet refacing is fast, effective, affordable, and eco-friendly, providing your home with a number of advantages to help you enjoy your kitchen design for years to come. If you’ve noticed one or more of these signs mentioned above, then now may be the perfect time to invest in kitchen cabinet refacing.

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