4 Cost-Effective Ways To Renovate Your Kitchen

These days, homeowners are looking for practical ways to renovate their properties without taking out a loan. Kitchen renovations, for example, can prove to be a very costly endeavor. Many DIYers face the challenge of making updates that match their preferences and design plans without going over budget. Remodeling services can be costly, but they don’t all have to stress you out!

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to serve as your trusted home remodeling contractor in Georgia. Our cabinet refacing company in Atlanta has the experience and equipment necessary to provide lasting beauty for your home, ensuring that you love the results each and every time you step into your kitchen with our remodeling services. We can work with you to create comprehensive changes or affordable updates.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to transform your kitchen this season, keep reading for four of our most affordable renovation ideas. Each project has the potential to vary widely in cost and time, so be sure to contact us online if you’re ready to see how affordable and beautiful your home updates can be!


As the most dynamic room in the home, your kitchen likely receives a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. Your current floors may look like they’ve been through the ringer. This space also provides room to cook, host, and serve on a variety of occasions, meaning damage is likely from so many activities. Regardless of the situation, if your kitchen floor looks dull, dingy, or roughed up, new flooring may prove to be the perfect answer!

Homeowners can find a range of affordable kitchen flooring solutions to generate aesthetic appeal without the steep price. Laminate flooring, for example, is more affordable than most materials on the market. This option has come a long way over the years, creating exterior surfaces that mimic the look of wood or tile. Laminate is simple to install and can often be laid over your existing surfaces. Your kitchen flooring plays a central role in the overall look and feel of your home, so be sure to consider cost-effective flooring options to make the most out of your renovations.


Oftentimes, homeowners find that new lighting can help to transform their kitchen. Your kitchen serves as a versatile space for many of life’s daily activities, so be sure to check your space to see if any areas are in need of illumination. Updated fixtures and bulbs can cast your remodel in a new light, providing a warm, inviting glow — just make sure it’s not too bright. Kitchen light fixtures are available in a variety of styles to meet every need, so be sure to browse your local home improvement store to find the pendant lights, track lights, and recessed lighting your home needs for a quality finish!


So, you’ve updated your kitchen flooring and illuminated the quality of your work, but what else can you do to enhance your design without spending beyond your budget? We recommend assessing your floors and countertops, and then choosing a complementary color for your walls. Most kitchens are covered by appliances and cabinets, meaning that the walls will likely only account for 30-40% of your surface area. A quality hue can help to brighten the room or convey a specific mood. DIYers love the difference that one or two coats of the perfect paint can add to their kitchen space, transforming it to match the rest of their cost-effective updates.


Everyone loves the look, feel, and smell of new kitchen cabinets, yet few homeowners are happy to look at the price tag. The process of tearing out your old cabinets, prepping the walls, and installing a new system can take a long time to accomplish, and this increase in time, labor, and materials will undoubtedly raise the price.

Cabinet refacing, on the other hand, only requires the replacement of the exterior surfaces, allowing you to rely on your existing cabinetry in order to reduce waste and cost. You’ll still be able to enjoy updated box fronts, doors, and drawer fronts. Cabinet refacing from Detail Design & Remodeling can help to save you time and money, reducing the downtime while also cutting your cabinet costs in half. This can provide some serious breathing room in the budget!

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Detail Design & Remodeling is here to serve as your trusted home remodeling contractor in Atlanta, specializing in cabinet refacing services to provide the right look at the right price. Our team focuses on generating the best results possible utilizing dynamic and effective techniques, specializing in Old World craftsmanship to create an outcome that you’re sure to love.

We specialize in custom cabinets and remodeling projects. Our team can also arrive at your door for a comprehensive consultation, complete with all of our available materials to give you a first-hand comparison of how these new styles will look in your home. Contact us today to get started!

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