Cabinet Refacing For Your Bathroom? 5 Benefits Of Investing In Bathroom Cabinet Refacing

During this extra time spent at home, more and more homeowners are realizing the importance of having a bathroom space that is both comfortable and convenient. Bathroom remodels are often much more affordable and approachable compared to kitchen renovations, delivering a high return both in terms of property value and enjoyment. Whether you have an outdated half-bath on the main level or your master bathroom could use some improvement, it pays to work with your trusted home remodelers to get the job done right the first time around.

Detail Design & Remodeling specializes in kitchen and bath remodels across Atlanta, relying on our decades of experience and old world craftsmanship to deliver luxury and depth for our satisfied clients. We’ll take the time to learn about your dream space, offering our innovative solutions to save time and money while creating the best results.

If your bathroom cabinets are in decent condition, our services may prove to be the cornerstone in generating a high-quality upgrade without the luxury price tag. Keep reading for five benefits associated with bathroom cabinet refacing, and be sure to browse our site to see how we can improve your home!


The downtime associated with bathroom remodels can prove to be an inconvenience, especially if your home has one toilet and shower. Many people love the results of cabinet refacing because it eliminates the long waits and limited use associated with more intensive remodeling services. New cabinets can take awhile, creating the need for alternate facilities. Refacing leaves your layout in-place, allowing for more access throughout the project. You can expect a complete finish in days, not weeks!


Bathroom remodels may be less intensive and time-consuming, but they can still generate a considerable amount of waste if you’re not careful. Detail Design & Remodeling takes an eco-friendly approach to all of our home remodels, and we work hard to minimize our impact on the environment. Cabinet refacing helps to avoid the need for replacement, which places your old materials in the local landfill.


One of the biggest reasons why homeowners love our cabinet refacing services is because of how affordable it is. Compared to installing new cabinets, you can cut your project costs by more than half while still generating the high-quality look you’re expecting. Our home renovation team loves to help clients save time and money while creating the best outcomes. By eliminating the material costs associated with new cabinets (and the labor costs of installation), you can reduce your budget or designate your savings for other improvements. Cabinet refacing can also help to improve your property value, especially when done by experienced professionals.

Not sure if Detail Design & Remodeling is the right remodeling company for your home improvement needs? Read through our testimonials for reviews from our previous clients! 


You may not be a fan of your current cabinet doors, and now may be the perfect time to make the switch to a new style. Detail Design & Remodeling focuses on the fine details in our work, which includes panel upgrades, including:

  • Raised panels — The center of the door is raised up, creating depth and allowing for numerous designs to match the look of your bathroom.
  • Recessed panels — Opposite of raised panels are recessed panels, featuring a slightly depressed center to add a look of depth. This look focuses on the design of the frame surrounding each panel.
  • Flat panels — Consisting of a flat surface, this design is ideal for those who want a sleek design in their bathroom. Homeowners can achieve a range of transitional, tradition, and contemporary looks. 
  • Beaded shakers — Looking to add vertical panels to your bathroom cabinets? Shaker beaded panels add texture and intrigue to standard shaker panels.
  • Arched panels — Also referred to as cathedral kitchen panels, this style features a curve at the top of the panel to create an arch. 

Homeowners love the wide range of hardware options available to upgrade their bathroom design. A simple upgrade of your pulls, knobs, and hinges add depth and beauty with a minimal price tag. Speak with our home remodeling contractors to learn about the wide range of hardware and accessory options to optimally update your bathroom!


The goal of cabinet refacing is to generate a luxurious facelift without sacrificing your time or money. You’ll be impressed by the aesthetic quality of your bathroom remodel, as our home remodelers will bring every detail together to create a harmonious result, providing years of enjoyment with the need to make changes in order to retain a modern look.

Not sure where to begin with your bathroom remodel? Check out our gallery for inspiration, and feel free to ask our home improvement contractors for suggestions to help you make a sanctuary out of your most private space.

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As an essential business, Detail Design & Remodeling in Dunwoody is here to provide professional repairs and improvement services across Atlanta. Our home remodeling services center around kitchen and bath improvements, deploying cost-effective approaches such as cabinet refacing to perfect your space without the need for high-cost improvements.

Are you ready to see how much you can save on your project with bathroom cabinet refacing? Detail Design & Remodeling can help you achieve a luxury look without the luxury price. Contact us online to schedule your free consultation, where our team will arrive at your door with our entire showroom in tow. We’ll be able to safely plan your home improvements. We look forward to working with you!Categories:Cabinet RefacingTags:bathroom remodelcabinet refacingDetail Design & Remodelinghome improvement contractorshome remodelhome renovations

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