Cabinet Doors Vs Drawers — Our Cabinet Refacing Pros Explain

When it comes to the storage capabilities of their kitchens, many Georgia homeowners do not realize that they have the ability to change their cabinet layouts to better fit their unique lifestyles. A family of seven, for example, will have much different storage demands compared to a traveling business executive. Custom cabinet work can provide the perfect outcome for your needs, perfectly matching the layout that can best provide the organization and beauty for your home.

Georgia property owners can benefit from the affordability and old-world craftsmanship of Detail Design & Remodeling. Our home remodeling contractors specialize in cabinet refacing in Atlanta, Dunwoody, and beyond. We have the experience needed to tailor the best solution for your home, creating long-lasting results that will benefit you on a daily basis.

One design option that many homeowners struggle with is whether or not to choose cabinet doors or drawers. Today, we’ll highlight a few positives and drawbacks of each application and how they can combine for the perfect outcome for your home. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your free consultation!


We all love the appearance of beautifully faced cabinet doors. Homeowners can benefit from the clear organization provided by large, simple openings that allow easy access. Up front, you can benefit from cost of less hardware. Doors rely on simple hinges to provide smooth openings. Upper cabinets are perfect for door systems, as you can find large, bulky items easily at eye level. Plates, pots, and pans are all best suited for cabinet boxes with larger spaces. Cabinet doors also allow for a wide range of style options, including glass to open up your existing boxes for depth and a feeling of more space throughout.

Homeowners that rely less on large bakeware and more on smaller utensils may not enjoy a kitchen that is tailored for doorways. Lower doors allow for quick storage of your large wares, but reaching at such low angles can prove difficult for smaller items. Cabinet boxes store things front to back, making it necessary to remove the items in front to acquire products in the back. Your family members may spend more time complaining about the location of kitchen items than how nice the overall room is!

Before you feel conned by the cabinet boxes and doors in your kitchen, keep in mind that design solutions exist to make the most out of high and low storage spaces. Shelves can be rigged to pull out, providing easy access to large pans, crockpots, and more.


Without your cabinet drawers, regular cooking activities would likely begin and end in chaos. Homeowners often benefit from the customized organization provided by their kitchen drawers, relying on vastly different structures for different kitchen utensils. In most scenarios, cabinet drawers are an ideal solution for storing items. Users can simply pull the box outward, gaining access to entire depth of the container. In high and low places, sliding out your drawer can prove to be a beneficial choice. Modern advances have also made cabinet drawers an ideal solution for more than traditional applications.

While these products may be perfect for your custom cabinet project, they can prove to be too pricey for homeowners with a moderate budget. Drawers are innovative cabinet solutions for many people, but the added materials and hardware can increase the price point. You can benefit from beautiful options, but you will also need to balance this design with cabinet door options for the best result. Many homeowners also learn during their kitchen renovation project that drawers can be limiting in terms of storage sizes. Larger, heavier items may be impractical for these cabinets.

Finding A Balance

Both applications are needed to create the best balance for your kitchen. Many homeowners struggle with finding the best balance of cabinet doors and drawers. You will need to consider the best outcome for your home by planning for the most convenience on a daily basis. In addition, be sure to consider how often you’ll need to access this space, and balance that with where it should be situated within the cabinet system.

Also be sure to account for any future changes! Homeowners expecting to start a family may quickly find that their chic cabinet design is not holding up to the demands of learning walkers and climbers. Detail Design & Remodeling is here and ready to help you plan for the best future, so be sure to call us for assistance!

Remember Aesthetics

While planning your kitchen design, be sure to remember how the result will look in relation to the rest of your home renovations. Some homeowners get too caught up in the functionality of their custom cabinet plans and fail to account for the true value of looks and first impressions. When implemented properly, cabinet refacing and rebuilding can combine to bring your unique style to the next level, adding another layer of quality to an already enjoyable space. Kitchen cabinets take up a majority of your wall space, and should be highly considered throughout the design process!

Detail Design & Remodeling is here to be your source for quality design solutions through every step of your kitchen renovation process. For years, our local home remodeling contractors have worked diligently to provide the best outcomes for each of our clients across Georgia. We’re proud to specialize in cabinet refacing in Atlanta and beyond, and we are happy to help you find the best result for your space. 

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