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Navigating the world of modern home remodeling can be a challenge. As a consumer, the task will fall on you to research, contact, and hire a professional remodeling company to turn your vision into reality. Over the years, many consumers have asked us for advice on how to best navigate this industry, which is why the founder of Detail Design & Remodeling has released his own book to provide a clear path for homeowners hoping to make the most of their projects.

While our team specializes in cabinet refacing across Atlanta, the true value of our service comes from the complete level of quality delivered to each and every project. Robert Warren began this company to provide beautiful, detailed results relying on Old World craftsmanship for long-lasting beauty that is sure to make you smile on a daily basis.

Today, we’ll discuss a few key benefits of our book, as well as the value it can provide for your long-term home renovation plans. If now is the time for you to complete your home remodeling project, be sure to contact our cabinet refacing experts for complete assistance!


Home renovations can prove to be a very successful venture for many homeowners, but that level of success will depend on a huge range of factors. Who you hire, what you hire them for, and the process in which they get the job done will affect every element of your home renovations, including the price and final outcome. From Chapter 1’s advice featuring the value of accurate information and comprehensive knowledge to advice for old homes and outdoor bathrooms, every element is covered in detail to give you a first-hand account on how modern home remodeling should be done.

  • Contract logistics — One of the most stressful parts of your home remodeling process may be determining the contract for your hired services. What is and isn’t covered in the contract will have lasting results throughout your project, so be sure to be thorough before signing your name!
  • Insurance tips — It is important to check to make sure your workers are insured, period.
  • Financing plans — Before you begin work, it is essential to procure financing to complete the project in its entirety. This book highlights tips to help you minimize your costs over the long term.
  • Pricing and negotiating — Asking the contractor if that is the best price they can offer can prove invaluable throughout the pricing phase. Home remodeling contractors will have a general idea of the costs, and will likely work to sell you on a plan that boosts their profits. Our book highlights pricing advice, normal expectations, and more.
  • Industry terms — Remodeling professionals rely on a range of terms and expressions, all of which you can learn to show that you are a competent, informed homeowner.


This book has a wealth of information that may prove invaluable in creating the best results for your time and money. Detail Design & Remodeling follows the advice given in our book to ensure that customer satisfaction is at an all-time high. To make this resource simple to read and understand, Robert has included several key elements for each chapter, including:

  • Robert’s Rules — The essential information you need to make the most of your home renovation, this section highlights important nuggets of information for clear, easy reference. Each rule is numbered, so be sure to read through to round out your knowledge of home design!
  • Robert’s Replays — Life is all about learning from experience, and now you can catch up on Robert’s experiences as a Licensed Georgia Residential Contractor and Certified Remodeler to help you to start off on the right foot. You can catch up on some real life experiences as well as unforeseen issues to be aware of. The names and locations have been changed to preserve customer privacy.
  • Robert’s Remedies — Skill and ingenuity are all that is required to create a truly magnificent outcome for your home renovation efforts. These tips deliver proven methods and strategies to enhance your home renovations, from the price and services agreed upon to the final finish of your home.
  • Lora’s Replays — Comprising the other half of the Detail Design & Remodeling duo, Lora’s experiences bring a new light to a variety of projects. This section is ideal for helping homeowners keep an eye out for common, simple, and costly mistakes.
  • The Sweet Spot — Kitchen renovations are complex, and a little creativity can help to infuse serious quality into any project. The Sweet Spot offers modern design ideas and trends to help homeowners across the nation find inspiration on how to make the most of their personal space.


Ultimately, investing in this book may help save you from a plethora of problems down the road. Our decades of experience in providing ideal outcomes for every client can now be used to optimize the results of your project. From details on contractor warranties to kitchen fixtures, bathroom updates, lighting tips, and more, Robert’s Rules of Remodeling is sure to make a difference in your project!

If you have read the book and are now ready to put your new skills and knowledge to the test, be sure to reach out to Detail Design & Remodeling for assistance. Our team specializes in cabinet refacing for Atlanta homes, but our home remodeling contractors are able to provide personalized results for every element of your home design. Contact us today to learn more about our customer-first approach, and be sure to pick up your copy of our home renovation resource!

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