Tired Of Looking At Your Old, Ugly Kitchen Cabinets? Follow Our 4 Remodeling Tips!

Quarantine has forced many Americans to stay home for an extended period of time. Extra time spent in your home may make it obvious that your place is in need of some attention. One component that may be obvious is the quality of your kitchen cabinets. These cabinets take up a majority of the wall space in your kitchen, and often set the tone for the quality of this dynamic space. Now may be the perfect time to invest some energy into creating big changes for your outdated or dingy cabinets, and Detail Design & Remodeling is here to help!

Our home remodeling contractors specialize in services such as cabinet refacing for Atlanta homes, delivering serious quality and amazing transformations without the high costs. We are known for our old world craftsmanship and attention to detail, and our team will be happy to work with you to create an advantageous design for your kitchen, whether you want to take on a lot of your home renovations or you’d rather our professionals handle the work.

Creating beautiful, cost-effective changes for your plain kitchen cabinets can be easy! Keep reading for four of our remodeling tips for easy renovations, and be sure to contact us when you’re ready to learn more!


You may have quality cabinets, but they may be lacking in character. One way to create a high-end look for your kitchen cabinets is to install crown molding along the top. This move adds height to your cabinet system, as well as some luxury. Crown molding for cabinets comes in a wide range of styles and colors, allowing you to find the right look for your updated kitchen. Keep in mind that molding tends to come in 96-inch segments, with the price varying from $7 per foot to $25 or more! Once you find the right style, be sure to do your research to ensure that it is easy to install and will perform as expected.

DIY Tip: Find an appropriate nailing surface to attach your crown molding. You can attach a block of wood along the top perimeter of your cabinets to provide ample room for the nails you’ll be using for installation (angling the nails upward). For a long row of cabinets, rely on one extended strip for consistency. Glue the wood strip, nail it in place, and wait for it to dry.


Your natural wood cabinets have served you dutifully for years, but these days, they may show the signs of their constant use. One cost-effective way to dramatically transform your kitchen without spending more than $100 is to introduce a fresh coat of paint. DIYers can get to work taking down their cabinet doors and drawer fronts to prep for sanding and painting, just be sure to avoid the most common cabinet painting mistakes!

Do you want to paint your cabinets but you’re worried about the final quality? Detail Design & Remodeling offers complete home remodeling services, and we’d be happy to discuss cabinet painting with you, including other kitchen renovations to make the most of your design changes!

DIY Tip: You can deploy two different colors to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, with a darker hue on the lower row and a lighter color along the top. This can freshen up the space and add an extra element of depth!


Regardless of your kitchen renovation plans, new hardware is a smart choice to improve the look of your existing cabinets and also remedy a majority of problems associated with aging kitchen cabinets. Broken pulls, loose knobs, and bent hinges can all cause their own issues, making your life more inconvenient when trying to cook or complete daily tasks. 

Cabinet hardware comes in a vast variety of styles and colors. You can take the time to shop for affordable hardware options that match your current or upcoming kitchen design. Many homeowners have shopped home improvement stores, glass or metal shops, and second-hand material outlets to find the right fit for their unique styles.

DIY Tip: While the look of your pulls or knobs are important, keep in mind that the comfort of this hardware may ultimately prove more important. Is your selected piece comfortable, or is it pointy and sharp around the edges? Can you fit your fingers inside the pull? Does the knob feel comfortable? These considerations can make life much easier moving forward!


One reason why many kitchens feel shabby is due to a lack of quality lighting. You can choose to install cabinet lighting to make a quick and noticeable improvement to your design. We recommend planning ahead and deploying a multi-directional style of kitchen lighting to maximize the beauty and depth of this dynamic space. Homeowners have found success in installing dimmable task lighting to illuminate their daily tasks. This feature also allows you to set the mood when entertaining guests. Uplighting can also improve the space, glowing from the top of your kitchen cabinets to create a showroom-like effect.

DIY Tip: Plan your kitchen lighting based on your plans. If you want a no-hassle install for your cabinet lighting, be sure to opt for plug-in lights. Direct wire lighting can create a flush, seamless appearance, but will require some electrical work to get the job done.

Ready To Get Started?

Now is the best time to get to work to generate home improvements that you’ll be proud of once you can bring guests into your home. If you’re planning on cost-effective kitchen renovations such as cabinet refacing, our home remodelers in Atlanta are here and ready to provide luxurious results that are built to last.

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