Looking For Custom Woodwork For Your Kitchen Remodel? Our Team Can Help!

For years, Detail Design & Remodeling has worked to provide the highest level of quality to each of our customers. Our home remodeling contractors rely on years of experience and stringent training standards to deliver long-lasting and cost-effective results. While we specialize in cabinet refacing for Georgia homes, it’s important to remind people that our team is also experienced in creating custom wood products to perfectly match our customers’ needs. Detail Design Woodworks is our sister company, providing old-world craftsmanship to each service we provide. If you’re looking for long-term beauty that is completed by certified experts for your Georgia kitchen, the Detail Design team is here and ready to help!

Our key to maintaining lifelong customer relationships comes from our ability to provide comprehensive and personalized solutions for each individual. When it comes to the wood in your kitchen, it’s important to remember that our craftsmen and women are able to provide outstanding results. Today, we’ll highlight a few areas of the kitchen where custom woodworking can provide considerable value. If you’re in need of cabinet refinishing or replacement services, be sure to contact us to learn more!


The home is meant to serve as a representation of your lifestyle. As such, it’s important to create an interior design that provides the most comfort and value for your family. Our home remodeling contractors also work with builders and remodelers to deliver a high level of quality for all of our woodworking endeavors, including:


The kitchen island is meant to be your getaway for convenience in this space, providing storage, surface space, appliances, and more to deliver the best fit for your kitchen. From kitchen carts for mobile storage to permanent islands, our woodworking company can help to design an ideal solution for your space. We have experience in designing versatile islands, with options such as granite and glass to provide a high-quality outcome for your design plans.


Home pantries are the perfect place to store all of your food and associated cookware, but many residences now hold outdated, unstable pantries that do little to enhance the kitchen’s aesthetics. Our custom woodwork team can help you design and build a pantry that is space-efficient and beautiful. From standard shelves to sliders and cabinets, you have a wide range of style choices when updating your pantry.


One area that homeowners and designers rarely consider custom woodwork is the range hood over the stove. Our Barnwood Hood is one example of a beautiful and versatile outcome to match client needs in a safe and cost-effective way. If you are going for a rustic look in your home, be sure to speak with our woodwork specialists to see if a wooden hood would help to perfect the theme for your kitchen!


Kitchen shelving is designed to be very practical in storing a wide range of products, but by no means does it have to be boring. Our old-world craftsmen can provide a wide range of changes to your shelving, including intricate patterns, textures, finishes, and more. Now may be the perfect time to expand your shelves, or maybe reduce them to allow room for appliances or cabinets. In any case, our custom woodworking experts will craft personalized designs to ensure that you have shelving that is as unique as it is sturdy.


Kitchen cabinets take up a majority of the room, and in many cases, are dull and underutilized. Our craftsmen can help you to design custom cabinets that are unlike any other in your community. Now may be the time for customized solutions for your cabinets, creating results that perfectly enhance your kitchen. Whether you need full-scale tear outs for your Georgia project or cost-effective kitchen cabinet refacing, the Detail Design team is ready to help.


Quality is a word that is thrown around all too often these days, yet it rings true when it comes to custom woodwork for your kitchen remodeling needs. Our craftsmen can work with you to create a truly personalized outcome for any project, taking in the full scope of your home and style to help us create a custom solution. Instead of being confined to vendors and suppliers that provide a set style, let our professionals create a unique design that is sure to fill you with pride whenever you invite guests into your home.

When it comes to providing comprehensively amazing outcomes for Atlanta homes and beyond, the experts at Detail Design & Remodeling are here to help. Partnering with Detail Design Woodworks, our sister company, we can work with you to meet every need and expectation for your kitchen remodel. Our home remodeling contractors provide expert kitchen renovations and cabinet refacing to Georgia clients, relying on old-world craftsmanship to provide long-lasting beauty for your space.

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