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These days, homeowners are empowering themselves to take on home renovations of all shapes and sizes, making decisions to achieve the best results. If you’re planning a home remodel in the future, then be prepared to spend a lot of time considering the returns on your investment (ROIs). Careful consideration of which renovations are the most lucrative can help to offset the cost of your project, especially when it comes time to sell the property.

If you’re planning a home remodel in the Atlanta area, the professionals at Detail Design & Remodeling are here to help! Our home-improvement contractors rely on Old World craftsmanship to create timeless beauty and long-lasting performance with luxurious results. We offer home-renovation services such as cabinet refacing to ensure you love the look and cost of your improvements.

Today, we’ll spend some time discussing which home renovations have the most potential for resale value. If you’re interested in learning more about our home remodeling contractors, then be sure to contact us now!


Selling the home has a lot to do with curb appeal. Your house valuation will rely heavily on the quality of your exterior, including the lawn and garden. Improvements in this area can range depending on the current state of your landscaping. Setting some time aside to clear out overgrowth can help to open up the space and generate a cleaner look while new sod and perfectly placed flagstones can liven up the place. If you do plan on selling your home, be sure to invest some time and energy into the garden, as a few bright splashes of color will help to create more depth and beauty.

While the value can vary widely from place to place, the average return on landscaping is close to 100%, with some projects increasing the home value enough to reach an ROI of almost 150%! You can take the time to improve your outdoor space to make life more enjoyable for yourself and future residents, or reach out to a local landscape for a comprehensive estimate.


When done right, minor bathroom remodels infuse serious value into a home when it comes time to sell. Potential buyers can tell if time and money have been invested into this private sanctuary, and often offer more despite other aspects of the home. We have made sure to include the word “minor” with these bathroom renovations to clarify that small projects tend to offer a more favorable return than grand ventures. Why? Your taste in high-quality tile and gold-plated fixtures may be impressive, but buyers on the whole will likely not be looking for the same result. Minor improvements can create noticeable results while still leaving room for future improvement.

You can invest in a new tub, floor, sink, vanity, light fixtures, and tiles for just over $10,000. At resale, you may be able to regain as much as 102% back, paying off the entire cost of your remodel with room to spare (results can vary). This figure can change based on your geographic location, house size, and other factors. There are certain projects you can take on yourself to save even more money, including fresh paint for the walls, new caulking for the tub and toilet, and more.


Your kitchen renovation can vary widely in cost based on your choice of materials, so be sure to plan wisely to regain the most return possible on your investment. Many homeowners look at the overall value of their home to dictate how much should be spent on the kitchen remodel. If your property exceeds $500,000, laminate countertops will not add to the value!

Minor kitchen updates provide an added boost to your home’s most versatile space while avoiding the issue of investing too much money, where luxury improvements may result in reduced returns. An average kitchen remodel of this size costs just under $15,000, with $14,700 coming back at the sales table. With an ROI around 98%, you can make the most of your kitchen without breaking the bank.


If you’re looking to improve your kitchen, then it’s important to keep in mind that the cabinets take up a large portion of the space. These cabinets will likely be the first thing people notice, and they also happen to rank among the most costly replacements when it comes to kitchen remodels.

When completed with quality, cabinet refacing can return customers around 90% on their investment. Based on the quality and condition of your existing cabinets, this ROI can range from 80% to 100%. Cabinet refacing will provide an ideal look for the fronts of your cabinets, meaning that much of the existing value will remain. The return on new cabinets versus refaced cabinets is roughly the same, except that you can save $10,000 or more in the upfront costs with the latter option!

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