The Benefits Of Cabinet Refacing For Your Atlanta Home

The kitchen is a hub for activity in most homes. From prepping meals to paying bills, this room serves as the backdrop for many of life’s tasks and activities. Through the years, your kitchen cabinets take a beating from everyday actions. You may wake up one morning and come into your kitchen, flipping on the […]

Cabinet Refacing Versus Cabinet Replacements

The time has come to update your kitchen. As one of the most frequented spaces in your home, the kitchen is a central point for family, guests, and more. Anyone hoping to perform quality renovations without breaking the bank can benefit from working with Detail Design & Remodeling. Our company supplies top-notch cabinet refacing to […]

Remodeling Nightmares: The Winchester Mystery House

For most homeowners, remodeling their home is half exciting and half agonizing. You may go into the process excited about the end result, but often times the lengthy, messy process turns into an inconvenient chore. In an ideal world, home remodeling would be finished instantly, allowing homeowners to continue on with their lives in a […]

Designing A Kid-Friendly Kitchen

Spending time together as a family is often considered one of the most rewarding parts of any given day for the average American. Whether it’s eating dinner together or watching a movie side-by-side, enjoying an activity daily can help develop and grow the family bond. As one of your home’s most important rooms, your kitchen […]

Transform Your Kitchen Into One You Love

Families spend more time in their kitchens than ever before. Whether it is for meal preparation, socializing, or working on homework assignments, the kitchen is the central hub of the modern home. One way to significantly increase both your quality of life and the value of your home is upgrading or replacing your kitchen. By […]

Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

The tiny house movement brings new meaning to the term efficiency. First, these petite homes are designed to be ultra-compact – almost always smaller than 500 square feet – while still providing all of the necessities one needs in a permanent residence. Second, they must be extremely efficient design-wise and storage-wise in order to pull […]

Cabinet Refacing: The Trick To Kitchen Bliss

For many families, the gathering place of the home is not actually the living room – it is the kitchen! More time is spent to prepare, cook, and clean up after meals than is spent on actual dining. Considering how much time is devoted to activities in your kitchen, why not make it a pleasurable […]

Design Trends: Beach Cottage Kitchen Style

For many people, their idea of an ideal vacation is going to the beach. Beaches conjure up images of tranquility, relaxation, and fun. If you love the feel of seaside living, you can make that dream an everyday reality by creating a beach cottage-style kitchen in your home. And, by refacing your cabinets instead of […]

Design Trends: Rustic Kitchen Style

During the past several decades, the kitchen has evolved from a purely utilitarian place to the most important multifunctional room in the typical modern home. It’s where families are spending an increasing amount of their time at home. This has resulted in the increasing popularity of open-plan layouts and distinctive designs such as rustic kitchen […]

Quick Upgrades To Increase Your Home’s Value

If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, taking a few extra steps to increase its value can be surprisingly profitable. You don’t necessarily need to invest much either, and what you do spend should easily pay for itself several times over while also making your home easier to sell. Fortunately, instead of […]