The Top Things You Can Do With Cabinet Refacing

If you’re ready to begin your kitchen remodel, then you’ve likely considered the costs and benefits associated with new cabinets. One method many Georgia homeowners have turned to in order to create the most value and beauty without the high cost is cabinet refacing. This industry-leading home remodeling service can save considerable time, effort, and money, while improving your experience and paving the way for additional kitchen improvements.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is known to save homeowners big when it comes to project costs, but what can this design option accomplish for your plans? Keep reading to learn more about the top tasks associated with cabinet refacing services, then be sure to schedule your free in-home consultation with our home remodeling contractors!


The time has likely come for kitchen improvements because you are tired of looking at your old, outdated kitchen space. First and foremost, cabinet refacing provides exceptional improvements when it comes to the overall look of your space. Your cabinets take up a majority of the walls in your kitchen, and will play an integral role in generating the right look and feel for your design plans. Browse your available hues to find the right color for your kitchen, pairing well with your countertops, flooring, and appliances. The right contrast can help to create depth and intrigue within your kitchen. This is an important part of cabinet refacing, so be sure to do your homework before getting to work!

Are you planning a contemporary, transitional, or modern kitchen design? Browse through a range of color and style options from Detail Design & Remodeling, and benefit from the quality of real wood veneers. Unlike other cabinet refacing companies, which rely on inferior and cheap building materials, Detail Design & Remodeling only deploys the best products backed by our industry expertise and comprehensive attention to detail.


If you have special plans for a designated area in your kitchen, now may prove the right time to make upgrades to your surrounding cabinets. Do you need to increase the storage capacity of a certain box, or would you be better off with open shelving? Now would be the best time to make these changes, especially if you plan on upgrading your floor plan!

Detail Design & Remodeling offers complete home remodeling services to make the most of our cabinet refacing, including custom cabinets and woodworking. Our partners can customize each component of your kitchen design for personalized improvements, whether you have a small improvement in mind or you’re planning on changing the layout of your kitchen.


Your outdated kitchen cabinets likely slam and stick at random, causing frustration for you and the entire family. Now is the perfect time to install new cabinet hardware to put the finishing touches on your new design. We recommend finding the right material to match your new color scheme, whether that includes satin briss, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, or anything in between. Investing in stainless steel hardware will do much to improve your stainless steel appliances!

When it comes to cabinet hardware, most homeowners will focus on the basic components to enact quality changes:

  • Knobs and pulls — Switch your handle types or simply upgrade them for cost-effective finishes. These minor details will help sell your space as retro, modern, or contemporary.
  • Soft-close hinges — We all know how easy it is to slam the cabinet, especially if youngsters are in the home. We can install slam-proof hinges for a smooth, steady pull each time.


If space always feels limited in your kitchen, now may be the perfect time to invest in one of a number of space-efficient storage solutions. Many homeowners love the convenience of installing new storage options, including upgrades for blind corners, lazy Susans, roll-out drawers complete with holders for pots and pans, and more. Simple storage solutions can save a lot of space and frustration, allowing you to neatly store everything you need to. From busy families to cooking connoisseurs, everyone can benefit from the right storage solutions!


We focus a lot on kitchen cabinet refacing, but what about the cabinets in your bathroom? Detail Design & Remodeling offers professional results for homeowners in need of a cost-effective bathroom remodel, deploying our years of experience and attention to detail to ensure that you love the results. Check out our gallery to see the beauty of our bathroom renovations You can achieve a luxurious look without the high price tag with bathroom cabinet refacing!

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Cabinet refacing is a proven method for generating serious beauty without the costs associated with materials, labor, and downtime. Detail Design & Remodeling of Dunwoody specializes in cabinet refacing across the greater Atlanta area, putting our industry-leading experience and skill to work to exceed our clients’ high standards.

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