Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, Refinishing, Painting, Or Replacement?

When it comes time to renovate your kitchen, your choice on how to upgrade the cabinets will play a large role in your overall success. Many homeowners focus on creating the absolute best fit for their needs, combining functionality and style into a cost-effective result that provides years of comfort and quality. If you’re about […]

Ideas To Enhance Your Cabinet Refacing

If you’ve landed on our site before, you’re likely well aware of the benefits of our cabinet refacing services. This method opts out of full replacement, saving you time, money, and energy throughout the process. Cabinet refacing is also eco-friendly, as keeping your existing system in place helps to reduce the amount of waste placed in […]

Cabinet Refacing And What To Do With The Cabinet Interiors

Many Georgia homeowners have found success in choosing cabinet refacing to enhance their kitchen remodeling projects. This option delivers stunning results for the front of your cabinets, saving time, money, and energy in the process. Detail Design & Remodeling is here to provide complete results for your home remodeling project, specializing in bathroom and kitchen […]

The Top Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Cabinets Instead Of Reface

For most American families, the kitchen serves as a central hub for most of their daily lives. Over time, the heavy use of this space will begin to take its toll on key components within the home. You may be planning on renovations to repair and revitalize your kitchen space, in which case it’ll be […]

In What Order Should I Choose My Kitchen Design? Our Cabinet Refacing Team Explains

When it comes to planning their kitchen renovations, many DIYers spend a lot of time stressing about their design options. You want your kitchen remodel to go perfectly, and any errors through the design phase may result in unfavorable results. We understand this concern, and work hard to help clients across Georgia achieve the most […]

Make The Most Of Your Home Remodel With These Valuable Updates

These days, homeowners are empowering themselves to take on home renovations of all shapes and sizes, making decisions to achieve the best results. If you’re planning a home remodel in the future, then be prepared to spend a lot of time considering the returns on your investment (ROIs). Careful consideration of which renovations are the […]

Tired Of Your Old, Outdated Kitchen This Thanksgiving? Ask Us About Cabinet Refacing!

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and if you’re hosting the big meal this year, then you may be looking at your outdated kitchen in dismay. Many homeowners are guilty of growing complacent with their home designs, putting off the intensive project of remodeling their space into a beautifully modern scheme. The holidays can bring a lot […]

Ready For DIY Cabinet Refacing? Consider These Factors Before You Begin!

These days, homeowners can go online and research how to complete almost any of their own home improvement projects. Whether you’re changing the filter on your HVAC unit or replacing an old toilet, DIY projects can prove to be a cost-effective and rewarding venture. Cabinet refacing is one project that can be completed by crafty […]